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The AND GATE is a basic digital logic gate that implements logical conjunction - it behaves according to the truth table to the right. A HIGH output (1) results only if both the inputs to the AND gate
AND gate
are HIGH (1). If neither or only one input to the AND gate
AND gate
is HIGH, a LOW output results. In another sense, the function of AND effectively finds the minimum between two binary digits, just as the OR function finds the maximum between two binary digits. Therefore, the output is always 0, except when all the inputs are 1.


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There are three symbols for AND gates: the American (ANSI or 'military') symbol and the IEC ('European' or 'rectangular') symbol, as well as the deprecated DIN symbol. For more information see Logic Gate Symbols .

MIL/ANSI Symbol IEC Symbol DIN Symbol

The AND gate
AND gate
with inputs A and B and output C implements the logical expression C = A B {displaystyle C=Acdot B} .


AND gate
AND gate
using diodes AND gate
AND gate
using transistors NMOS AND gate
AND gate

An AND gate
AND gate
is usually designed using N-channel (pictured) or P-channel MOSFETs . The digital inputs A and B cause the output F to have the same result as the AND function.


If no specific AND gates are available, one can be made from NAND or NOR gates, because NAND and NOR gates are considered the "universal gates," meaning that they can be used to make all the others.



AND gates are available in IC packages. 7408 IC is a famous QUAD 2-Input AND GATES and contains four independent gates each of which performs the logic AND function. IC 7408


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Logical connectives

* Tautology {displaystyle top }

* NAND {displaystyle uparrow } * Converse implication {displaystyle leftarrow } * Implication {displaystyle rightarrow } * OR {displaystyle lor }

* Negation {displaystyle neg } * XOR {displaystyle oplus } * Biconditional {displaystyle leftrightarrow } * Statement

* NOR {displaystyle downarrow } * Nonimplication {displaystyle nrightarrow } * Converse nonimplication {displaystyle nleftarrow } * AND {displaystyle land }

* Contradiction {displaystyle bot }


* ^ Mano, M. Morris and Charles R. Kime. Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals, Third Edition. Prentice Hall, 2004. p. 73.

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