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AJ, Aj, aJ, or aj may refer to:


1 Fictional characters 2 Groups, businesses, and publications 3 People 4 Places 5 Science 6 Other uses 7 See also

Fictional characters[edit]

A. J. Chegwidden, a character on JAG and NCIS Anthony Soprano, Jr.
Anthony Soprano, Jr.
("A.J."), a character on The Sopranos A. J. (The Fairly OddParents), character in the cartoon The Fairly OddParents Applejack (My Little Pony), a character in the My Little Pony franchise whose nickname is AJ A.J. Frost, a character from the 1998 film Armageddon A. J. Raffles, protagonist in many of the works of Ernest William Hornung

Groups, businesses, and publications[edit]

Aj (newspaper), an Indian newspaper Al-Jihad, an Egyptian Islamist group The Astronomical Journal Al Jazeera

AJ+, an American international news online channel

Architects' Journal Australian Scout Jamboree


For real people named AJ, see AJ (given name)


Apache Junction, Arizona Azerbaijan, World Meteorological Organization country code and obsolete NATO country code


Adherens junction, cell-cell junctions between neighboring cells aJ, attojoule, a unit of energy equal to 10−18 joules in the International System of Units

Other uses[edit]

AJ Savage, a United States Navy aircraft built by North American Aviation Adjustable spanner Apple Juice

See also[edit]

A&J (other) Ajay (other)

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