39th G8 summit
39th G8 summit.jpg
Ten leaders at G8 summit, 2013.jpg
Host countryUnited Kingdom
Date17–18 June 2013
Venue(s)Lough Erne Resort in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
Follows38th G8 summit
Precedes40th G7 summit

The 39th G8 summit was held on 17–18 June 2013, at the Lough Erne Resort, a five-star hotel and golf resort on the shore of Lough Erne in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.[1] It was the sixth G8 summit to be held in the United Kingdom and the first to be held in Northern Ireland. The earlier G8 summits hosted by the United Kingdom were held in London (1977, 1984, 1991), Birmingham (1998) and Gleneagles, Scotland (2005).

The official theme of the summit was tax evasion and transparency. However, the Syrian civil war dominated the discussions. A seven-point plan on Syria was agreed after much debate. Other agreements included a way to automate the sharing of tax information, new rules for mining companies, and a pledge to end payments for kidnap victim releases. The United States and the European Union agreed to begin talks towards a broad trade agreement.