The Info List - 2nd Corps Of The Army Of The Republic Of Bosnia And Herzegovina

The 2nd Corps was one of five, later seven corps in the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina established in early 1992.


Just like the 1st Corps, the 2nd Corps was established early in 1992. This corps along with the 5th Corps had more success than the other Corps.

Operational zones

The 2nd Corps was responsible for the following districts: Tuzla (where were the headquarters of the corps), Doboj, Bijeljina, Srebrenica, Žepa, Zvornik.


  • 1st Commander: Colonel Željko Knez
  • 2nd Commander: Brigadier Hazim Šadić
  • 3rd Commander: Brigadier Sead Delić


The 2nd Corps had 8 operational groups:

  • 1st Operational Group (Gradačac)
    • 21st Brigade
    • 107th Motorized Brigade "Zmaj od Bosne" (Gradačac)
    • 108th Motorized Brigade (Brčko)
    • 108th HVO Brigade
    • 208th Brigade
  • 2nd Operational Group (Gračanica)
    • 109th Mountain Brigade (Doboj)
    • 111th Brigade (Gračanica)
    • 117th Brigade "Džemisetski Golubovi" (Lukavac)
  • 3rd Operational Group (Kladanj)
    • Commander: Erdin Hrustić
      • 1st Olovo Brigade
      • 121st Mountain Brigade (Kladanj)
      • 302nd Brigade
  • 4th Operational Group (Kalesija)
    • 205th Brigade (Kalesija)
    • 206th Mountain Brigade (Zvornik)
    • 207th Mountain Brigade (Tešanj)
  • 5th Operational Group (Tuzla)
  • 6th Operational Group (Živinice)
    • Commander: Hasan Muratović
      • 116th Mountain Brigade
      • 118th Brigade
      • 119th Mountain Brigade (Banovići)
        • Commander: Nihad Šehović
      • 210th Brigade
  • 7th/South Operational Group (Tesanj)(Maglaj)
    • 110th HVO Brigade (Žepče)
    • 111th HVO Brigade (Usora)
    • 201st Brigade (Maglaj)
      • Commander: Colonel Esad Hindić
    • 202nd Mountain Brigade (Teslić)
    • 203rd Motorized Brigade (Doboj)
    • 204th Mountain Brigade (Teslić) (Nov. 1994, Operational Group to 3rd Corps)
    • 207th Brigade
  • 8th Operational Group (Srebrenica)
    • Commander: Naser Orić
    • Deputy Commander: Fahrudin Alić
      • 180th Brigade
      • 181st Brigade
      • 183rd Brigade
      • 184th Brigade
      • 283rd Brigade
        • Commander: Major Huso Halilović
  • 285th Light Mountain Brigade (Žepa)


Military operations and engagements

  • Battle of Budučin Potok
  • Operation "Proljece" 1994
  • Battle for Ozren and Vozuca
  • Operation "Farz 95"