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Fine Music 102.5 (ACMA callsign: 2MBS) is a Sydney music radio station operated by the Music Broadcasting Society of New South Wales Co-Operative Limited. Launched on 15 December 1974, it is Australia's first fully licensed FM radio station.[1][2][3]

The station broadcasts from studios located at Chandos Street, St Leonards, to the greater Sydney region at a frequency of 102.5 MHz from a 50 kilowatt (ERP) transmitter located atop Governor Phillip Tower, in Sydney's central business district. Its operations are conducted by volunteers and a small number of paid staff. Operational funding is principally derived from corporate sponsorship, arts partnerships, philanthropic donations, listener subscriptions, and the secondhand Book and CD Fairs held around the Sydney area.

Approximately 80 percent of Fine Music 102.5's on-air music content is from the western classical and related traditions, and the remainder is made up of jazz, blues, and non-mainstream and experimental contemporary music.

One of the station's most popular programmes for several decades was Evensong, a weekly programme of English sacred music in the Anglican tradition. Its regular presenter Mrs Ann Ramsay died at the age of 91 on 1 April 2006, prior to which she was thought to be Australia's oldest on-air radio presenter[citation needed]. Evensong has been replaced by another popular Sunday program, Hosanna.

Popular non-classical programmes broadcast by the station include the blues show Stormy Monday, which has aired on Monday evenings for three decades, and for many years was rebroadcast nationally by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) satellite service. Ultima Thule, the station's Sunday evening ambient music programme has been on air for nearly twenty years and in 2005 became the first programme to be podcast on Australian community radio[citation needed].

Fine Music 102.5 is a member of the Australian Fine Music network which is a loose affiliation with a number of similar independently owned and operated stations in other parts of Australia, including 3MBS FM Melbourne, 4MBS FM Brisbane, 5MBS FM Adelaide and ArtSound FM Canberra.


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