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Seventeen or 17 may refer to: *17 (number), the natural number following 16 and preceding 18 * one of the years 17 BC, AD 17, 1917, 2017



*Seventeen (American magazine), ''Seventeen'' (American magazine), an American magazine *Seventeen (Japanese magazine), ''Seventeen'' (Japanese magazine), a Japanese magazine


*Seventeen (Serafin novel), ''Seventeen'' (Serafin novel), a 2004 novel by Shan Serafin *Seventeen (Tarkington novel), ''Seventeen'' (Tarkington novel), a 1916 novel by Booth Tarkington *''Seventeen'' (''Sebuntiin''), a 1961 novel by Kenzaburō Ōe

Stage and screen


*Seventeen (1916 film), ''Seventeen'' (1916 film), an American silent comedy film *Seventeen (1940 film), ''Seventeen'' (1940 film), an American comedy film *Seventeen (1985 film), ''Seventeen'' (1985 film), a documentary film *Seventeen (2019 film), ''Seventeen'' (2019 film), a Spanish drama film *17 Again (film), ''17 Again'' (film), a 2009 film whose working title was ''17'' *''Eric Soya's '17''' (Danish: ''Sytten''), a 1965 Danish comedy film *''Number Seventeen'', a 1932 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock


*Seventeen (The Killing), "Seventeen" (''The Killing''), a 2013 episode of the American television drama series ''The Killing'' *Seventeen (TV drama), ''Seventeen'' (TV drama), a 1994 UK dramatic short starring Christien Anholt


*Seventeen (musical), ''Seventeen'' (musical), a 1951 Broadway musical based on Booth Tarkington's novel * Number 17 (play), ''Number 17'' (play), a 1925 work by the British writer Joseph Jefferson Farjeon



*Seventeen (Keisha White album), ''Seventeen'' (Keisha White album), and the title song 2007 *Seventeen (Iris album), ''Seventeen'' (Iris album), 2012 *17 (Motel album), ''17'' (Motel album), and the title song *17 (Ricky Martin album), ''17'' (Ricky Martin album), 2008 *17 (Tokio album), ''17'' (Tokio album), 2012 *17 (XXXTentacion album), ''17'' (XXXTentacion album), 2017 *17 (EP), ''17'' (EP), by Zhavia Ward, 2019


*17 (Avril Lavigne song), "17" (Avril Lavigne song), 2013 *17 (MK song), "17" (MK song), a 2017 song by Marc Kinchen *"17", a 2020 song by Pink Sweats *"17", by Cross Canadian Ragweed from ''Cross Canadian Ragweed (album), Cross Canadian Ragweed'' *"17", by Kings of Leon from ''Only by the Night'' *"17", by Mandy Moore from ''Mandy Moore (album), Mandy Moore'' *"17", by Milburn from ''Well Well Well (album), Well Well Well'' *"17", by Rick James from ''Reflections (Rick James album), Reflections'' *"17", by Sky Ferreira *"17", by The Smashing Pumpkins from ''Adore (The Smashing Pumpkins album), Adore'' *"17", by Yourcodenameis:Milo from ''Ignoto'' *"17", by Youth Lagoon from ''The Year of Hibernation'' *"At Seventeen", Janis Ian song *Seventeen (Alessia Cara song), "Seventeen" (Alessia Cara song), from ''Four Pink Walls'' *Seventeen (Boyd Bennett song), "Seventeen" (Boyd Bennett song), a 1955 popular song *"Seventeen" by Bobby Brown from ''King of Stage'' *Seventeen (Jet song), "Seventeen" (Jet song), 2010 *Seventeen (Ladytron song), "Seventeen" (Ladytron song), 2002 *Seventeen (Marina and the Diamonds song), "Seventeen" (Marina and the Diamonds song) from ''Mermaid Vs. Sailor EP'' *Seventeen (Simon Webbe song), "Seventeen" (Simon Webbe song), from ''Grace'' *Seventeen (Winger song), "Seventeen" (Winger song), 1988 *"Seventeen", by The Elders from ''American Wake'' *"Seventeen", by ¡Forward, Russia! from ''Give Me a Wall'' *"Seventeen", by Jimmy Eat World from ''Static Prevails'' *"Seventeen", by Let Loose from ''Let Loose (album), Let Loose'' *"Seventeen", by Machinae Supremacy from Redeemer_(Machinae_Supremacy_album), Redeemer *"Seventeen", by Rich Brian *"Seventeen", by Sex Pistols from ''Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols'' *"Seventeen", by Sharon Van Etten from ''Remind Me Tomorrow'' *"Seventeen", by Troye Sivan from ''Bloom (Troye Sivan album), Bloom'' *"Seventeen", by X Marks the Pedwalk from ''Inner Zone Journey'' *"Seventeen", from ''Repo! The Genetic Opera'' *"Seventeen", a song from ''Heathers: The Musical''


*The17, a UK choir *Seventeen (South Korean band), a South Korean boy group *Seventeen (Indonesian band), a former Indonesian band group *Seventeen, a UK band that later became The Alarm

Vehicles and transportation

*USS Carnelian (PY-19), USS ''Carnelian'' (PY-19), a 1930 converted yacht originally named ''Seventeen''


*Beechcraft Model 17 Staggerwing, Beechcraft 17, an American light transport *Bréguet 17, a French WW1 fighter *Consolidated Fleetster, Consolidated 17, an American light airliner *Dornier Do 17, Dornier 17, a German WW1 bomber *FBA 17, a French 1920s flying boat *Tachikawa Ki-17, Ki-17, a Japanese WW2 trainer *Latécoère 17, a French 1920s airliner *Mil Mi-17, Mi-17, a Soviet helicopter *Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17, MiG 17, a Soviet jet fighter *Nieuport 17, a French WW1 fighter *Potez XV, Potez 17, a French reconnaissance aircraft *Saab 17, a Swedish WW2 light bomber *SPAD S.XVII, SPAD XVII, a French WW1 fighter *Yakovlev Yak-17, Yak-17, a Soviet jet fighter

Other uses

*Seventeen, Ohio, an American unincorporated community in Tuscarawas County *17 (app), a photo and video app for Android and iOS

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