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Canadian television Television in Canada officially began with the sign-on of the nation's first television stations in Montreal and Toronto in 1952. As with most media in Canada, the television industry, and the television programming available in that country, are ...
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Ending this year

Television shows


*'' Country Canada'' (1954–2007) *''Hockey Night in Canada'' (1952–present, sports telecast) *''CBC News: The National, The National'' (1954–present, news program)


*''CTV National News'' (1961–present) *''Land and Sea'' (1964–present) *''The Nature of Things'' (1960–present, scientific documentary series) *''Question Period (TV series), Question Period'' (1967–present, news program) *''W-FIVE'' (1966–present, newsmagazine program)


*''Canada AM'' (1972–present, news program) *''The Fifth Estate (TV), the fifth estate'' (1975–present, newsmagazine program) *''Marketplace (Canadian TV program), Marketplace'' (1972–present, newsmagazine program) *''100 Huntley Street'' (1977–present, religious program)


*''CityLine'' (1987–present) *''Fashion File'' (1989–2009) *''Just For Laughs'' (1988–present) *''On the Road Again (TV series), On the Road Again'' (1987–2007) *''Venture (TV series), Venture'' (1985–2007)


*''CBC News Morning'' (1999–present) *''eTalk'' (1995–present, entertainment newsmagazine program) *''Life and Times (TV series), Life and Times'' (1996–2007) *''The Passionate Eye'' (1993–present) *''The Red Green Show'' (1991–2006) *''This Hour Has 22 Minutes'' (1992–present)


*''Atomic Betty'' (2004–present, children's animated series) *''Billable Hours'' (2006–present) *''Les Bougon'' (2004–2006) *''Call for Help (TV series), Call for Help 2.0'' (2004–2007, computer technical help series) *''Canadian Idol'' (2003–2008) *''Captain Flamingo'' (2006–present, children's animated series) *''CBC News: Sunday Night'' (2004–present) *''Chilly Beach'' (2003–present, animated series) *''Class of the Titans'' (2005–2008, animated series) *''Corner Gas'' (2004–2009) *''Canada's Worst Driver'' (2005–present, reality series) *''Le Cœur a ses raisons'' (2005–present) *''The Collector (Canadian TV series), The Collector'' (2004–2006) *''Da Vinci's City Hall'' (2005–2006) *''Degrassi: The Next Generation'' (2001–present) *''Doc Zone'' (2006–present) *''Entertainment Tonight Canada, ET Canada'' (2005–present) *''Falcon Beach'' (2006–2007) *''Global Currents'' (2005–present, newsmagazine/documentary series) *''Grossology (TV series), Grossology'' (2006–present, children's animated series) *''The Hour (Canadian TV series), The Hour'' (2005–present, talk show) *''Instant Star'' (2004–2008) *''Intelligence (Canadian TV series), Intelligence'' (2005–2007) *''JR Digs'' (2001–present, comedy prank series) *''Kenny vs. Spenny'' (2002–2010, comedy reality series) *''Mantracker'' (2006–present, reality series) *''Metropia (TV series), Metropia'' (2004–2006) *''Naked Josh'' (2004–2006) *''Naturally, Sadie'' (2005–2007) *''Odd Job Jack'' (animated series, 2003–present) *''Paradise Falls'' (2001–present) *''ReGenesis'' (2004–2008) *''Restaurant Makeover'' (2005–2008) *''Rick Mercer Report'' (2004–present) *''Robson Arms'' (2005–2008) *''6Teen'' (2004–present, animated series) *''Slings and Arrows'' (2003–2006) *''This Is Wonderland'' (2004–2006) *''Trailer Park Boys'' (2001–2008) *''Train 48'' (2003–2005) *''What's with Andy'' (2001–2007, children's animated series) *''Whistler (TV series), Whistler'' (2006–2008)

TV movies & miniseries

*''October 1970 (film), October 1970'' *''Prairie Giant'' *''René Lévesque (TV miniseries), René Lévesque''

Television stations


Network affiliation changes


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