''1st'' is the first EP by the Finnish rock band the Rasmus (named just "Rasmus" when the EP was released). It was originally released independently through Teja G. Records in late 1995, but after some months the band signed with Warner Music Finland and released the EP through there instead. ''1st'' is often described as a regular single, but since the title is not a name of any songs from the album '' Peep'' (where all songs appears on), it counts as an EP. The EP features the songs "Frog", "Funky Jam", "Myself" and "Rakkauslaulu". All these songs got later released on the band's debut album ''Peep'' in 1996, except for "Rakkauslaulu". However, it is available on a compilation album named ''Hell of a Collection'' (2001). The EP did not reach any big chart lists, but "Funky Jam" was the first song to be played on the radio. It is also the song which the band made their first music video to.

Track listing

Band line-up

* Lauri Ylönen – Singing, vocals * Pauli Rantasalmi – guitar * Eero Heinonen – Bass guitar, bass * Janne Heiskanen – Drum kit, drums

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