The Info List - 1993 NBA Draft

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The 1993 NBA DRAFT took place on June 30, 1993, in Auburn Hills, Michigan . The draft had some talented players at the top, but injuries and personal problems hurt many of them. Anfernee Hardaway , Allan Houston , and Jamal Mashburn
Jamal Mashburn
all looked like possible Hall of Famers until their careers were cut short by injuries. Isaiah Rider and Vin Baker
Vin Baker
showed great potential but were plagued by personal problems. Bobby Hurley 's career was derailed by a car accident in December of his rookie year. The mid-to-late first round (starting with pick 13) was littered with players that failed to make any significant impact, with the exception of three-time NBA champion Sam Cassell . One of the NBA best all-time wing defensive players, three-time champion Bruce Bowen
Bruce Bowen
, went un-drafted.

Despite having the lowest odds, the Orlando Magic surprisingly won the first pick in the 1993 NBA Draft Lottery
NBA Draft Lottery
. It was the second year in a row the Magic won the draft lottery. The Magic drafted Chris Webber with the number one overall pick, but only minutes later, executed a blockbuster trade. The Magic traded Webber to the Golden State Warriors for their first round pick (#3 overall) Penny Hardaway and three of Golden State's future first-round draft selections.

* Denotes player who has been selected for (an) All-Star Game(s) and (an) All-NBA Team
All-NBA Team

+ Denotes player who has been selected for (an) All-Star Game(s)

x Denotes player who has been selected for (an) All-NBA Team(s)

# Denotes player who never played in the NBA


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Chris Webber, the 1st pick Anfernee Hardaway, the 3rd pick Vin Baker, the 8th pick Sam Cassell, the 24th pick Nick Van Exel, the 37th pick


1 1 Webber, Chris Chris Webber * PF/C United States Orlando Magic (traded to Golden State ) Michigan (So. )

1 2 Bradley, Shawn Shawn Bradley C United States Philadelphia 76ers BYU (Fr. )

1 3 Hardaway, Penny Penny Hardaway
Penny Hardaway
* PG/SG United States Golden State Warriors (traded to Orlando ) Memphis State (Jr. )

1 4 Mashburn, Jamal Jamal Mashburn
Jamal Mashburn
* SF United States Dallas Mavericks Kentucky (Jr. )

1 5 Rider, Isaiah Isaiah Rider SG United States Minnesota Timberwolves UNLV (Sr. )

1 6 Cheaney, Calbert Calbert Cheaney SG/SF United States Washington Bullets Indiana (Sr. )

1 7 Hurley, Bobby Bobby Hurley PG United States Sacramento Kings Duke (Sr. )

1 8 Baker, Vin Vin Baker
Vin Baker
* PF United States Milwaukee Bucks Hartford (Sr. )

1 9 Rogers, Rodney Rodney Rogers PF United States Denver Nuggets
Denver Nuggets
Wake Forest (Jr. )

1 10 Hunter, Lindsey Lindsey Hunter
Lindsey Hunter
PG United States Detroit Pistons (from Miami ) Jackson State (Sr. )

1 11 Houston, Allan Allan Houston + SG United States Detroit Pistons Tennessee (Sr. )

1 12 Lynch, GeorgeGeorge Lynch SF United States Los Angeles Lakers North Carolina (Sr. )

1 13 Dehere, Terry Terry Dehere SG United States Los Angeles Clippers Seton Hall (Sr. )

1 14 Haskin, Scott Scott Haskin PF United States Indiana Pacers Oregon State (Sr. )

1 15 Edwards, Doug Doug Edwards SF United States Atlanta Hawks Florida State (Sr. )

1 16 Walters, Rex Rex Walters
Rex Walters
SG United States New Jersey Nets Kansas (Sr. )

1 17 Graham, Greg Greg Graham SG United States Charlotte Hornets
Charlotte Hornets
Indiana (Sr. )

1 18 Wright, Luther Luther Wright C United States Utah Jazz Seton Hall (Jr. )

1 19 Earl, Acie Acie Earl C United States Boston Celtics
Boston Celtics
Iowa (Sr. )

1 20 Burrell, Scott Scott Burrell SF United States Charlotte Hornets
Charlotte Hornets
(from San Antonio ) Connecticut (Sr. )

1 21 Robinson, JamesJames Robinson SG United States Portland Trail Blazers Alabama (Jr. )

1 22 Mills, Chris Chris Mills SF United States Cleveland Cavaliers Arizona (Sr. )

1 23 Johnson, Ervin Ervin Johnson
Ervin Johnson
C United States Seattle SuperSonics New Orleans (Sr. )

1 24 Cassell, Sam Sam Cassell * PG United States Houston Rockets Florida State (Sr. )

1 25 Blount, Corie Corie Blount PF United States Chicago Bulls Cincinnati (Sr. )

1 26 Hammink, Geert Geert Hammink C Netherlands Orlando Magic (from New York ) LSU (Sr. )

1 27 Mackey, Malcolm Malcolm Mackey PF United States Phoenix Suns
Phoenix Suns
Georgia Tech (Sr. )

2 28 Harris, Lucious Lucious Harris PG United States Dallas Mavericks Long Beach State (Sr. )

2 29 Mills, Sherron Sherron Mills # F/C United States Minnesota Timberwolves VCU (Sr. )

2 30 Mureșan, Gheorghe Gheorghe Mureșan C Romania
Washington Bullets Pau-Orthez (France )

2 31 Burns, Evers Evers Burns F United States Sacramento Kings Maryland (Sr. )

2 32 Ford, Alphonso Alphonso Ford SG United States Philadelphia 76ers Mississippi Valley State (Sr. )

2 33 Riley, Eric Eric Riley C United States Dallas Mavericks Michigan (Sr. )

2 34 Mee, Darnell Darnell Mee SG Australia Golden State Warriors Western Kentucky (Sr. )

2 35 Stokes, Ed Ed Stokes C United States Miami Heat
Miami Heat
Arizona (Sr. )

2 36 Best, JohnJohn Best # F/C United States New Jersey Nets Tennessee Tech (Sr. )

2 37 Van Exel, Nick Nick Van Exel + PG United States Los Angeles Lakers Cincinnati (Sr. )

2 38 McRae, Conrad Conrad McRae # PF United States Washington Bullets Syracuse (Sr. )

2 39 Hill, ThomasThomas Hill # SG/SF United States Indiana Pacers Duke (Sr. )

2 40 Manning, Rich Rich Manning C United States Atlanta Hawks Washington (Sr. )

2 41 Reed, AnthonyAnthony Reed # F United States Chicago Bulls Tulane (Sr. )

2 42 Jordan, Adonis Adonis Jordan PG United States Seattle SuperSonics Kansas (Sr. )

2 43 Grant, Josh Josh Grant PF United States Denver Nuggets
Denver Nuggets
Utah (Sr. )

2 44 Holcombe, AlexAlex Holcombe # C United States Sacramento Kings Baylor (Sr. )

2 45 Russell, Bryon Bryon Russell SF United States Utah Jazz Long Beach State (Sr. )

2 46 Petruška, Richard Richard Petruška C Slovakia
Houston Rockets UCLA (Sr. )

2 47 Whitney, Chris Chris Whitney PG United States San Antonio Spurs Clemson (Sr. )

2 48 Thompson, KevinKevin Thompson C United States Portland Trail Blazers NC State (Sr. )

2 49 Buford, MarkMark Buford # C United States Phoenix Suns
Phoenix Suns
Mississippi Valley State (Sr. )

2 50 Nicola, Marcelo Marcelo Nicola
Marcelo Nicola
# PF Argentina
Houston Rockets Taugres (Spain )

2 51 Dunkley, Spencer Spencer Dunkley # C United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Indiana Pacers Delaware (Sr. )

2 52 Peplowski, Mike Mike Peplowski C United States Sacramento Kings Michigan State (Sr. )

2 53 White, LeonardLeonard White # F United States Los Angeles Clippers Southern (Sr. )

2 54 Wilson, ByronByron Wilson # SG/SF United States Phoenix Suns
Phoenix Suns
Utah (Sr. )

* ^ Nationality indicates the player's national team or representative nationality. If a player has not competed at the international level, then the nationality indicates the national team which the player is eligible to represent according to FIBA rules.


These players were not selected in the 1993 NBA draft but have played at least one game in the NBA.


Amaya, Ashraf Ashraf Amaya F United States Southern Illinois (Sr.)

Bowen, Bruce Bruce Bowen
Bruce Bowen
SF United States Cal State Fullerton (Sr.)

Butler, Mitchell Mitchell Butler PG United States UCLA (Sr.)

Dávid, Kornél Kornél Dávid PF Hungary Tungsram-Honvéd (Hungary 1990)

Mundt, Todd Todd Mundt C United States Memphis State / Delta State (Sr.)