1987 International Formula 3000 season


The 1987 International Formula 3000 season was the third season of FIA
Formula 3000 Formula 3000 (F3000) was a type of Open wheel car, open wheel, single seater formula racing, occupying the tier immediately below Formula One and above Formula Three. It was so named because the cars were powered by 3.0 L engines. Formula 3000 c ...

Formula 3000
motor racing. It featured the 1987 Formula 3000 Intercontinental Championship,FIA Yearbook, 1988, red section, page 97 which was contested over an eleven round series in which 23 different teams, 53 different drivers, 4 different chassis constructors and 3 different engines manufacturers competed. The championship was won by
Stefano Modena Stefano Modena (born 12 May 1963) is a former racing driver Auto racing (also known as car racing, motor racing, or automobile racing) is a motorsport involving the racing of automobiles for competition. Auto racing has existed since the i ...
who drove a March 87B Ford Cosworth for Onyx Racing.

Drivers and teams


Note: Race 3 stopped early due to an accident involving Alfonso de Vinuesa and Luis PĂ©rez-Sala. Only half-points were awarded.

Championship standings

At each race points were awarded as follows: 9 for first place, 6 for second place, 4 for third place, 3 for fourth place, 2 for fifth place and 1 for sixth place. The best seven results could be retained. Discarded points and gross totals are displayed within tooltips.

Complete Overview

R10=retired, but classified NC=not classified R=retired NQ=did not qualify 8P=grid position, but started from pit lane


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