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*Classical music on CD has become popular among listeners.



*January 1 **ZTT Records is founded. **The Merchant Ivory Productions, Merchant Ivory film ''Heat and Dust (film), Heat and Dust'' is released. On the soundtrack, composed by Zakir Hussain (musician), Zakir Hussain, Ivory is featured on Tanpura (instrument), tanpura with Hussain (who also appeared in the film) on tabla. *January 8 – The UK singles chart is tabulated from this week forward by The Gallup Organization. In 1984 electronic terminals will be used in selected stores to gather sales information, and the old "sales diary" method will be gradually phased out over the next few years. *February 2 – "Menudomania" comes to New York as 3,500 screaming girls crowd John F. Kennedy International Airport, Kennedy Airport to catch a glimpse of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rican boy band Menudo (band), Menudo, who are playing six sold-out shows at the Felt Forum. *February 11 – The Rolling Stones concert film ''Let's Spend the Night Together (film), Let's Spend the Night Together'' opens in New York. *February 13 – Marvin Gaye performs "The Star-Spangled Banner" before the 1983 NBA All-Star Game, NBA All-Star Game. *February 23 – The 25th Annual Grammy Awards are presented in Los Angeles, hosted by John Denver. Toto (band), Toto win both Grammy Award for Album of the Year, Album of the Year (for ''Toto IV'') and Grammy Award for Record of the Year, Record of the Year (for "Rosanna (song), Rosanna"), while Willie Nelson's cover of "Always on My Mind#Willie Nelson version, Always on My Mind" wins Grammy Award for Song of the Year, Song of the Year. Men at Work win Grammy Award for Best New Artist, Best New Artist. *February 26 – Michael Jackson's ''Thriller (Michael Jackson album), Thriller'' album hits #1 on the US charts, the first of thirty-seven (non-consecutive) weeks it would spend there on its way to becoming the biggest-selling album of all time. *February 28 – U2 releases their 3rd album War (U2 album), War which debuts at #1 in the UK and produces the band's first international New Year's Day (U2 song), hit single. *March 2 – Compact discs go on sale in the United States. They had first been released in Japan the previous October. *March 4 – Neil Young cancels the remainder of his tour after collapsing backstage in Louisville, Kentucky, after playing for seventy-five minutes. *April 5 **''A Generative Theory of Tonal Music'' by Fred Lerdahl and Ray Jackendoff is published. **US Interior Secretary James G. Watt causes controversy when he effectively bans the Beach Boys from a return performance at the Fourth of July festivities in Washington, announcing that Wayne Newton would perform instead. Watt claims that rock bands attract "the wrong element". That same week President Reagan, himself an avowed Beach Boys fan, presents Watt with a plaster foot with a hole in it. *April 11 – Dave Mustaine is fired from Metallica just as the band is set to begin recording its début album. He is replaced by Kirk Hammett. *April 14 – David Bowie releases ''Let's Dance (David Bowie album), Let's Dance'', his first album since parting ways with RCA Records and his fifteenth studio album overall. With its deliberate shift to mainstream dance-rock, it would become Bowie's biggest commercial success, at 10.7 million copies sold worldwide. Bowie, however, would experience a critical downturn for the next ten years as a result of his perceived obligation to continue appealing to fans of the album. *April 18 – Ellen Taaffe Zwilich becomes the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for Music. *April 23 – French singer Corinne Hermès, representing Luxembourg, wins the 28th annual Eurovision Song Contest 1983, Eurovision Song Contest, held at Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle in Munich, with the song "Si la vie est cadeau".


*May 16 **Singer Anna Vissi marries composer Nikos Karvelas. **The ''Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever, Motown 25 Special'' airs on NBC, celebrating a quarter century of Motown Records. Michael Jackson unveils his moonwalk (dance), moonwalk dance move during a performance of "Billie Jean". *May 28–June 4 – The second US Festival is held at Glen Helen Park in California. *June 3 – American rock drummer Jim Gordon (musician), Jim Gordon commits matricide during a schizophrenic episode. *June 18–19 – Menudo (band), Menudo make their second visit to New York. The band plays four shows at Madison Square Garden and all 80,000 tickets sell out within three days of going on sale. *June 20 – Catalunya Ràdio begins broadcasting. *July 1 – Chilean Band Los Prisioneros debut at the Miguel Leon Prado High School Song festival. They personify the rebellion of young Chileans leading to protests which eventually oust Augusto Pinochet. *July 6 – As a statement of protest against music piracy in the form of home taping, Jean-Michel Jarre releases only one pressing of his latest album "Music for Supermarkets", which is sold at an auction to a French real estate dealer for 69,000 francs (about $8960 US.) The auction is broadcast live on Radio Luxembourg which also plays the album in full for the first and only time. *July 19 – Simon and Garfunkel begin their North American summer tour in Akron, Ohio. *July 21 – Diana Ross performs a filmed concert in Central Park in heavy rain; eventually the storm forces her to postpone the rest of the concert till next day. *July 25 – Metallica release their debut studio album, ''Kill 'Em All'', since hailed as a groundbreaking release for the burgeoning thrash metal genre. *July 29 – ''Friday Night Videos'' is broadcast for the first time on NBC. *August 5 – David Crosby is sentenced by a judge in Dallas, Texas to five years in prison on drug and weapon possession charges. *August 16 **Johnny Ramone suffers a near-fatal head injury during a fight over a girl in front of his East Village apartment. **Singer Paul Simon marries actress Carrie Fisher. *August 20 – The Rolling Stones sign a new $28 million contract with Sony Music Entertainment, CBS Records, the largest recording contract in history up to this time.


*September – Bonnie Tyler releases the album ''Faster Than the Speed of Night'' in United States *September 1 – Joe Strummer and Paul Simonon of The Clash issue a press statement announcing Mick Jones (The Clash), Mick Jones has been fired from the group. *September 4 – Phil Lynott performs his final show with Thin Lizzy in Nuremberg, Germany. *September 18 – The members of Kiss (band), Kiss show their faces without their makeup for the first time on MTV, simultaneous with the release of their album ''Lick It Up''. *September 20 – The first ARMS Charity Concert is held at the Royal Albert Hall in London. *November 12 – Duran Duran start their SING BLUE SILVER World Tour. The tour begins with sold-out shows in Australia *November 26 – Quiet Riot's ''Metal Health'' album tops the US album charts, the first heavy metal music, heavy metal album to hit #1 in America. *December 2 **The Uday-Ustav Festival, a tribute to Uday Shankar, is staged at the instigation of Uday's younger brother, Ravi Shankar. **Michael Jackson's 14-minute music video for ''Michael Jackson's Thriller (music video), Thriller'' is premiered on MTV. **Phish plays first show. *December 25 – Marvin Gaye gives his father, as a Christmas present, an unlicensed Smith & Wesson .38 special caliber pistol so that Gaye could protect himself from intruders. A few months later, Gaye Sr would use it to shoot his son dead. *December 31 – The twelfth annual Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest, New Year's Rockin' Eve special airs on ABC, with appearances by Culture Club, Rick James, Laura Branigan, Barry Manilow, Mary Jane Girls and David Frizzell.

Bands formed

*''See :Musical groups established in 1983, Musical groups established in 1983''

Bands disbanded

*''See :Musical groups disestablished in 1983, Musical groups disestablished in 1983''

Bands reformed

*The Animals *The Everly Brothers

Albums released





Release date unknown

*''21 Years On'' – The Dubliners (live) *''Ageless Medley EP'' – Amy Grant *''Ain't It Good to Be Free'' – Bo Diddley *''All Alone with Friends'' – Hank Marvin *''All the Best (Stiff Little Fingers album), All the Best'' – Stiff Little Fingers *''Amore (The Hooters album), Amore'' – The Hooters *''Angstlos'' – Nina Hagen *''Bad Influence (Robert Cray album), Bad Influence'' – Robert Cray *''Bay of Kings'' – Steve Hackett *''Before Hollywood'' – The Go-Betweens *''Beat Street (album), Beat Street'' – Prism (band), Prism *''Behind the Scenes'' – Reba McEntire *''The Belle Stars (album), The Belle Stars'' – The Belle Stars (debut) *''The Blasting Concept'' – Various Artists *''Buzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat'' – Minutemen (band), Minutemen *''A Call to Us All'' – Teri Desario *''Catch as Catch Can (album), Catch as Catch Can'' – Kim Wilde *''Chazablanca'' – Chaz Jankel *''A Child's Adventure'' – Marianne Faithfull *''Chimera'' - Bill Nelson (musician), Bill Nelson *''A Christmas Album'' – Amy Grant *''Come Away with ESG'' – ESG (band), ESG *''Crystal Logic'' – Manilla Road *''Dagger and Guitar'' – Sort Sol *''Dancing for Mental Health'' – Will Powers (actually Lynn Goldsmith) *''Desperate (Divinyls album), Desperate'' – Divinyls *''Dressed for the Occasion'' – Cliff Richard and The London Philharmonic Orchestra (Live) *''Emergency Third Rail Power Trip'' – Rain Parade *''Escapade (Tim Finn album), Escapade – Tim Finn *''Everywhere at Once'' – The Plimsouls *''Even the Strong Get Lonely'' – Tammy Wynette *''Fall in a Hole'' – The Fall (band), The Fall *''Feeding the Flame'' – Sad Lovers and Giants *''The First Four Years'' – Black Flag (band), Black Flag *''The Fugitive (album), The Fugitive'' – Tony Banks (musician), Tony Banks *''Forged in Fire (album), Forged in Fire'' – Anvil (band), Anvil *''Fortune 410'' – Donnie Iris *''Friends of Hell'' – Witchfinder General (band), Witchfinder General *''Golden Shower of Hits'' – Circle Jerks *''Good Love & Heartbreak'' – Tammy Wynette *''Heart to Heart'' – Merle Haggard *''Ich halt zu Dir'' – Die Flippers *''Imagination'' – Helen Reddy *''Into Glory Ride'' – Manowar *''Introducing The Style Council'' – The Style Council *''Jonathan Sings!'' – Jonathan Richman *''Killer Dwarfs'' – Killer Dwarfs (Debut) *''Klass (album), Klass'' – Bad Manners *''The Kitchen Tapes (The Raincoats album), The Kitchen Tapes'' – The Raincoats *''Lesson Well Learned EP'' – Armored Saint *''Let's Start a War'' – The Exploited *''Love Is the Law (Toyah album), Love Is the Law'' – Toyah (band), Toyah *''Merry Twistmas'' – Conway Twitty *''Mommy's Little Monster (album), Mommy's Little Monster'' – Social Distortion *''Music for the Hard of Thinking'' – Doug and the Slugs *''Naked (Kissing the Pink album), Naked'' – Kissing the Pink *''Night Dubbing'' – Imagination (band), Imagination *''Not of this World (album), Not of this World'' – Petra (band), Petra *''One Night with a Stranger'' – Martin Briley *''Over the Edge'' – Wipers *''Party Tonight'' – Modern Romance (band), Modern Romance *''Passionfruit (album), Passionfruit – Michael Franks (musician), Michael Franks *''Platinum Blonde (album), Platinum Blonde'' – Platinum Blonde (band), Platinum Blonde (debut EP) *''Playback (SSQ album), Playback – SSQ (band), SSQ *''Privilege (Ivor Cutler album), Privilege'' – Ivor Cutler *''Prodigal Sons'' – The Dubliners *''Neruda (album), Neruda'' – Red Rider *''The Real Macaw'' – Graham Parker *''Riding with the King'' – John Hiatt *''Secretos'' – José José *''Shine On (George Jones album), Shine On'' – George Jones *''Shock Troops (album), Shock Troops'' – Cock Sparrer *''Sleep in Safety'' – 45 Grave *''Song and Legend'' – Sex Gang Children *''The Southern Death Cult (album), The Southern Death Cult'' – Southern Death Cult *''Speeding Time'' – Carole King *''Stages (Elaine Paige album), Stages'' – Elaine Paige *''Star People'' – Miles Davis *''Steeler (American band album), Steeler'' – Steeler (American band), Steeler (Yngwie Malmsteen & Ron Keel's 1st band, This band's only release) *''Strive to Survive Causing Least Suffering Possible'' – Flux of Pink Indians *''Struggle for Pleasure'' – Wim Mertens *''Sub Pop 9'' – Various Artists *''Syncro System'' – King Sunny Ade and his African Beats *''Tales from the Lush Attic'' – IQ *''Thank You for the Music (album), Thank You for the Music'' – ABBA – compilation *''That's the Way Love Goes (Merle Haggard album), That's the Way Love Goes'' – Merle Haggard *''Third Generation (album), Third Generation'' – Hiroshima (band), Hiroshima *''A Todo Rock'' – Menudo (band), Menudo *''Tougher Than Leather (Willie Nelson album), Tougher Than Leather'' – Willie Nelson *''Travels (Pat Metheny Group album), Travels'' – The Pat Metheny Group *'' Trick of the Light (album), Trick of the Light'' – Modern Romance (band), Modern Romance *''Urban Dancefloor Guerillas'' – P-Funk All-Stars *''A Walk Across the Rooftops'' – Blue Nile *''Water Sign (Chris Rea album), Water Sign'' – Chris Rea *''We Are One (Maze album), We Are One'' – Maze (band), Maze featuring Frankie Beverly *''We've Got Tonight (Kenny Rogers album), We've Got Tonight'' – Kenny Rogers *''Weeds & Water'' – Riders in the Sky (band), Riders in the Sky *''When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going (album), When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going'' – Bow Wow Wow *''Words and Music (Tavares album), Words and Music'' – Tavares (band), Tavares *''XXV'' – The Shadows *''Yes Sir, I Will'' – Crass *''Yokan (Hunch)'' – Miyuki Nakajima *''You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet (album), You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet'' – Bachman–Turner Overdrive – compilation *''Zeichnungen des Patienten O. T.'' (Drawings of Patient O. T.) – Einstürzende Neubauten

Biggest hit singles

The following songs achieved the highes
chart positions
in the charts of 1983.

Significant songs

Published popular music

* "I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues" w. Bernie Taupin m. Elton John * "An Innocent Man (song), An Innocent Man" w.m. Billy Joel * "Karma Chameleon" w.m. George O'Dowd, Jon Moss, Roy Hay (musician), Roy Hay, Mikey Craig & Phil Rickett * "Uptown Girl" w.m. Billy Joel * "Total Eclipse of the Heart" – w.m. Jim Steinman

Classical music



*Vyacheslav Artyomov – ''Tristia'' for solo piano, organ, trumpet, vibraphone and strings *Jean-Baptiste Barrière – Chreode I *John Cage – Thirty Pieces for String Quartet *Friedrich Cerha – ''Requiem für Hollensteiner'' *George Crumb – ''Processional'' for piano *Jean Daetwyler – Concerto for Alphorn, Flute, Saxophone and Strings No. 2 *Mario Davidovsky – ''Romancero'', for soprano, flute (piccolo, alto flute), clarinet (bass clarinet), violin and violoncello *Lorenzo Ferrero **''Ellipse'' for flute **''Onde'' for guitar *Karel Goeyvaerts – ''Aquarius (opera)#Other works of the Aquarius project, Aquarius I (Voorspel)—L’ère du Verseau'', for orchestra *Jacques Hétu – Clarinet Concerto *Simeon ten Holt – ''Lemniscaat'', for keyboard (1982–1983) *Wojciech Kilar – fanfare ''Victoria'' for mixed choir and orchestra *Witold Lutosławski – Symphony No. 3 (Lutosławski), Symphony No. 3 (1972–83) *Krzysztof Penderecki – Viola Concerto *John Pickard (composer), John Pickard – ''Nocturne in Black and Gold'' *Peter Sculthorpe – Piano concerto *Karlheinz Stockhausen – ''Samstag aus Licht#Scene 3: Luzifers Tanz, Luzifers Tanz'', for wind orchestra *Iannis Xenakis – ''Shaar'' *Morton Feldman – ''Crippled Symmetry''


*Robert Ashley – ''Perfect Lives'' (An opera for television) *Leonard Bernstein – ''A Quiet Place'' *Oliver Knussen – ''Where the Wild Things Are'' (children's) *Olivier Messiaen – ''Saint François d'Assise'' *Per Nørgård – ''Det guddommelige Tivoli (The Divine Circus)''


Musical theater

* ''La Cage aux Folles (musical), La Cage aux Folles'' – Broadway production opened at the Palace Theatre (New York City), Palace Theatre and ran for 1781 performances * ''Doonesbury (musical), Doonesbury'' – Broadway production opened at the Biltmore Theatre and ran for 104 performances * ''Mame (musical), Mame'' (Jerry Herman) – Broadway revival * ''Merlin (musical), Merlin'' – Broadway production opened at the Mark Hellinger Theatre and ran for 199 performances * ''Oliver!'' (Lionel Bart) – London revival * ''On Your Toes'' – Broadway revival * ''My One and Only (musical), My One and Only'' – Broadway production opened at the St. James Theatre and ran for 767 performances * ''Singin' in the Rain (musical), Singin' in the Rain'' – London production * ''The Tap Dance Kid'' – Broadway production opened at the Broadhurst Theatre and ran for 699 performances * ''Zorba (musical), Zorba'' – Broadway revival

Musical films

* ''Carmen (1983 film), Carmen'' * ''Eddie and the Cruisers'' * ''Flashdance'' * ''Le Bal (1983 film), Le Bal'' * ''Mangammagari Manavadu'' * ''Narcissus (1983 film), Narcissus'' * ''Neti Bharatam'' * ''The Pirates of Penzance (1983 film), The Pirates of Penzance'' * ''Rock & Rule'' * ''Staying Alive (1983 film), Staying Alive'' * ''Yentl (film), Yentl''

Musical television

* ''Salad Days (musical), Salad Days''


*January 13 – William Hung, American musician *January 18 – Samantha Mumba, Irish singer and actress *January 19 – Hikaru Utada, Japanese singer and songwriter *January 20 – Mari Yaguchi, Japanese singer (Morning Musume) and host *January 21 – Rapsody, American rapper *January 24 – Frankie Grande, American actor, singer, and dancer *January 25 – Andrée Watters, Canadian singer *January 30 – Ella Hooper, Australian rock singer-songwriter, musician, radio presenter and TV personality (Killing Heidi + The Verses) *February 1 – Andrew VanWyngarden, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (MGMT) *February 5 – Baby K (artist), Baby K, Singaporean-Italian singer-songwriter *February 8 – Jim Verraros, American singer *February 10 – Bless (rapper), Bless, Canadian rapper *February 13 – Joel Little, New Zealand record producer, musician and Grammy Award-winning songwriter (Lorde, Taylor Swift) *February 17 – Kevin Rudolf, American record producer and musician *February 19 – Mika Nakashima, Japanese singer and actress *March 3 – Katie White, British singer (The Ting Tings) *March 8 – Piano Squall, American pianist *March 9 – Mayte Perroni, Mexican singer and actress *March 10 – Carrie Underwood, American singer/songwriter *March 11 – Thiaguinho (singer), Thiaguinho, Brazilian singer-songwriter *March 14 – Taylor Hanson American band member (Hanson (band), Hanson) *March 15 – Florencia Bertotti, Argentine actress and singer *March 19 – Ana Rezende (CSS (band), Cansei de Ser Sexy), Brazilian *March 29 ** Luiza Sá (CSS (band), Cansei de Ser Sexy), Brazilian ** Jamie Woon, British singer, songwriter and record producer, *March 30 – Hebe Tian, member of the Taiwanese girl-group S.H.E *March 31 – 40 (record producer), Canadian record producer, collaborator with Drake *April 4 – Tei (singer), Tei, Korean ballad singer * April 15 – Margo Price, American singer-songwriter *April 16 – Marié Digby, American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and pianist *April 18 – Reeve Carney, American singer-songwriter and actor *April 20 – Sebastian Ingrosso, Swedish DJ, actor and record producer. * May – October (singer), British musician, producer, singer-songwriter, experimentalist and recording artist *May 8 – Matt Willis, British musician (Busted (band), Busted) and presenter *May 10 – Moshe Peretz, Israeli musician *May 11 – Holly Valance, Australian actress, singer and model. *May 14 – Anahí, Mexican singer and actress *May 15 – Devin Bronson, American guitarist, songwriter and producer *June 2 – Brooke White, American singer *June 3 – Kelela, American singer and songwriter. *June 8 – Lee Harding, Australian singer *June 15 – Laura Imbruglia, Australian indie rock singer-songwriter. *June 16 – Jen Majura, German guitarist, bassist and singer. *June 17 **Connie Fisher, British actress and singer **Lee Ryan, British singer *June 27 – Evan Taubenfeld, American guitarist, singer, and songwriter (Avril Lavigne) *June 30 **Patrick Wolf, English singer-songwriter **Cheryl Cole, Cheryl, former member of Girls Aloud, British singer-songwriter and television personality *July 1 **Leeteuk, South Korean singer-songwriter and actor. **Marit Larsen, Norwegian musician (M2M (band), M2M) *July 2 – Michelle Branch, American singer-songwriter and musician (The Wreckers) *July 3 **Steph Jones, American singer-songwriter **Matt Papa, American singer-songwriter *July 4 **Ben Jorgensen, American singer, guitarist, member of Armor For Sleep **Andrew Mrotek, American drummer (The Academy Is...) *July 7 – Ciara Newell, Irish singer (Bellefire) *July 9 – Lucia Micarelli, violinist and actress *July 10 – Heechul, South Korean singer, songwriter *July 11 – Marie Serneholt (A*Teens) *July 18 – Aaron Gillespie, drummer (Underoath) *July 21 – Eivør Pálsdóttir, Faroese people, Faroese singer and composer *July 23 – Bec Hewitt, Australian singer, dancer, and actor *July 24 – Morgan Sorne, American singer-songwriter and multi-media artist *August 7 – Christian Chávez, Mexican singer and actor *August 8 – Vanessa Amorosi, Australian singer/songwriter *August 9 – Ashley Johnson (actress), Ashley Johnson, American actress, voice actress and singer. *August 14 – Sunidhi Chauhan, playback singer *August 18 **Danny!, American record producer/recording artist **Mika (singer), Mika, British singer ** Emma McKenna, Canadian singer-songwriter * August 19 ** Tammin Sursok, South African-born Australian actress and singer. ** Missy Higgins, Australian singer-songwriter, musician and actress. *August 21 - Brody Jenner, American dj *August 25 – James Righton, English musician, multi instrumentalist *August 28 – Alfonso Herrera, Mexican singer and actor *August 30 – Jun Matsumoto, Japanese singer and actor *September 12 – Frank Dukes, Canadian record producer and dj *September 14 – Amy Winehouse, English soul, jazz, blues and rnb singer-songwriter (died 2011) *September 17 – Jennifer Peña, American singer and actress *September 25 – Donald Glover, American actor, comedian, writer, director, rapper, and DJ *September 30 – T-Pain, American rapper & singer-songwriter *October 7 – Flying Lotus, American rapper and producer, founded Brainfeeder *October 10 ** Alyson Hau, Hong Kong radio DJ ** Jack Savoretti, English acoustic artist (Kylie Minogue) ** Lzzy Hale, American singer, songwriter, and musician. (Halestorm) *October 20 – Alona Tal, Israeli singer and actress. *October 22 – Plan B (musician), Plan B, English hip hop rapper *October 24 – Adrienne Bailon, American singer and actress *October 26 – Houston (singer), Houston, American R&B singer *October 29 **Amit Sebastian Paul, Swedish singer (A-Teens) **Richard Brancatisano, Australian actor/musician *October 30 – Diana Karazon, Jordanian singer *November 7 – Forrest Kline, American singer and songwriter (Hellogoodbye) *November 10 – Miranda Lambert, American country musician *November 14 **Lil Boosie, American rapper **Chelsea Wolfe, American singer-songwriter *November 16 **Fallon Bowman, South African–born guitarist (Kittie) **K (singer), K, South Korean singer *November 27 – Nyla, Jamaican singer and songwriter (Brick & Lace) *November 28 **Rostam Batmanglij, American musician (Vampire Weekend) **Tyler Glenn, American alternative singer (Neon Trees) *December 3 – Sherri DuPree, American singer-songwriter *December 12 – Katrina Elam, American country singer-songwriter * December 15 – Brooke Fraser, New Zealand singer-songwriter, musician *December 17 – Kosuke Saito (composer), Kosuke Saito, Japanese DJ *December 29 – Jessica Andrews, American country music singer *December 31 – Sayaka Ichii, Japanese singer (Morning Musume) *unknown **Dan Sultan, Australian alternative rock singer-songwriter-guitarist **Joseph Tawadros, Egyptian-born Australian oud virtuoso


*January 5 – Amy Evans, operatic soprano and actress, 98 *January 7 – Edith Coates, operatic mezzo-soprano, 74 *January 28 – Billy Fury, singer, 42 (heart attack) *January 31 – Lorraine Ellison, soul singer, 51 *February 4 – Karen Carpenter, singer and drummer, 32 (cardiac arrest due to anorexia nervosa) *February 8 **Charles Kullman, operatic tenor, 80 **Alfred Wallenstein, cellist, 84 *February 12 – Eubie Blake, pianist, 96 *February 18 – Leopold Godowsky, Jr., violinist and chemist, 82 *February 22 – Sir Adrian Boult, conductor, 93 *February 23 – Herbert Howells, organist and composer, 90 *February 28 – Winifred Atwell, Trinidadian pianist, 69 *March 6 – Cathy Berberian, singer and composer, 57 *March 7 **Igor Markevitch, Ukrainian composer and conductor, 70 **William Walton, British composer, 80 *April 4 – Danny Rapp (Danny and the Juniors), 41 (suicide by gunshot) *April 5 – Cliff Carlisle, country and blues singer, 79 *April 13 – Dolo Coker, jazz pianist and composer, 55 *April 14 – Pete Farndon (The Pretenders), English bassist, 30 (drug overdose) *April 17 – Felix Pappalardi, American producer and bassist, 43 (gunshot) *April 23 – Earl Hines, American jazz pianist, 79 *April 30 **Muddy Waters, blues singer and guitarist, 70 (heart attack) **George Balanchine, Russian-American choreographer, 79 *May 23 **George Bruns, film composer, 68 **Finn Mortensen, composer and music critic, 61 *May 25 – Paul Quinichette, saxophonist, 67 *June 2 – Stan Rogers, folk musician, 33 *June 25 – Alberto Ginastera, Argentina, Argentine composer, 67 *July 4 – Claus Adam, cellist, 66 *July 5 – Harry James, bandleader, 67 *July 12 – Chris Wood (rock musician), Chris Wood, rock musician, 39 *July 23 – Georges Auric, French composer, member of ''Les Six'', 84 *July 27 – Jerome Moross, composer, conductor and orchestrator, 69 *July 30 – Howard Dietz, lyricist, 86 *August 2 – James Jamerson, bassist, 47 *August 3 – Helge Bonnén, pianist and composer, 87 *August 6 – Klaus Nomi, singer, 39 (complications from AIDS) *August 13 – Zdeněk Liška, Czech film composer, 61 *August 14 – Omer Létourneau, pianist, organist, composer and conductor, 92 *August 17 – Ira Gershwin, American lyricist, 86 *August 24 – Arkady Filippenko, composer, 71 *September 5 – John Gilpin (dancer), John Gilpin, dancer, 53 (heart attack) *September 24 – Isobel Baillie, operatic soprano, 88 *September 25 – Paul Jacobs (pianist), Paul Jacobs, American pianist, 53 (complications from AIDS) *October 16 **Øivin Fjeldstad, violinist and conductor, 80 **George Liberace, violinist and arranger, 72 *November 3 – Alfredo Antonini, conductor, 82 *November 7 – Germaine Tailleferre, composer, only female member of ''Les Six'', 88 *November 15 – John Grimaldi, English keyboard player and songwriter (Argent (band), Argent), 28 *November 19 – Tom Evans (musician), Tommy Evans, bassist of the rock group Badfinger, 36 (suicide) *December 6 – Lucienne Boyer, French singer, 80 *December 11 – Simon Laks, Polish composer and violinist, 82 *December 28 – Dennis Wilson, American singer, songwriter and drummer, 39 (drowned) *''date unknown'' **Antonio Mairena, Andalusian flamenco singer, 73 or 74 **Pat Smythe (pianist), Pat Smythe, Scottish-born jazz pianist, 59 or 60


Grammy Awards

*Grammy Awards of 1983

Country Music Association Awards

Eurovision Song Contest

*Eurovision Song Contest 1983


US no. 1 hits

*List of Billboard Hot 100 number-one singles of 1983, Hot 100 no. 1 hits of 1983 ''See also:'' * 1983 in music (UK) * :Record labels established in 1983, Record labels established in 1983

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*Ronald Reagan in music


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