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The 1980 Winter Olympics, officially known as the XIII Olympic Winter Games (French: Les XIIIes Jeux olympiques d'hiver), was a multi-sport event which was celebrated from February 13, through February 24, 1980, in Lake Placid, New York. This was the second time the Upstate New York village hosted the Games, after 1932. The only other candidate city to bid for the Games was Vancouver-Garibaldi, British Columbia, Canada, which withdrew before the final vote (though Vancouver
would eventually win the bid to host the 2010 Winter Olympics.) The mascot of the Games was "Roni", a raccoon. The mask-like rings on a raccoon's face recall the goggles and hats worn by many athletes in winter sports. The sports were played at the Olympic Center, Whiteface Mountain, Mt. Van Hoevenberg Olympic Bobsled Run, the Olympic Ski Jumps, the Cascade Cross Country Ski Center, and the Lake Placid High School Speed Skating Oval.


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Host selection[edit] The selection process for the 1980 Winter Olympics
1980 Winter Olympics
consisted of one bid, from Lake Placid, United States. It was selected at the 75th International Olympic Committee
International Olympic Committee
(IOC) Session in Vienna
on October 13, 1974.[2] Highlights[edit]

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Notable highlights included:

The United States
United States
men's ice hockey team, composed mostly of collegiate players and not predicted to advance beyond group play, won the gold medal. The United States
United States
team's 4–3 win over the veteran Soviet team, which came into the 1980 Games having won four consecutive Olympic gold medals, became known as the "Miracle on Ice" in the US culture and all over the world. The win captured the hearts of Americans during a time of Cold War tensions, even though it was the win against Finland
that secured the gold medal. Eric Heiden
Eric Heiden
of the United States
United States
won gold in the 500m, 1000m, 1500m, 5000m, and 10,000m speed skating events, setting four Olympic records and one world record (10,000m) in the process and delivering 83% of the American gold medals (the only other gold, as noted above, was won by the hockey team). Heiden became the first to ever win all five speed skating events, the first of only three to win five gold medals in individual events at a single Games (either Summer or Winter), and is still the only athlete to win five gold medals at one Winter Games. Sweden's Ingemar Stenmark
Ingemar Stenmark
won both the giant slalom and the slalom. Hanni Wenzel
Hanni Wenzel
won the women's giant slalom and slalom, making Liechtenstein
the smallest country to produce an Olympic champion. Ulrich Wehling
Ulrich Wehling
of East Germany
East Germany
and Irina Rodnina of the USSR
won their respective events for the third time, Wehling in Nordic combined
Nordic combined
and Rodnina in pairs figure skating. Aleksandr Tikhonov
Aleksandr Tikhonov
of the USSR
earned his fourth straight gold medal as part of the 4 x 7.5m biathlon relay team. Nikolay Zimyatov
Nikolay Zimyatov
of the USSR
earned three gold medals in cross-country skiing. Robin Cousins
Robin Cousins
won gold for Great Britain in the men's singles figure skating. East Germany
East Germany
won the most medals overall (23) but had fewer golds (9) than the USSR
(10). In possibly the most dramatic duel of the games, Sweden's Thomas Wassberg edged Finland's Juha Mieto
Juha Mieto
in the 15 km cross-country skiing by 0.01 seconds, the closest margin of victory ever in Olympic cross-country skiing. This led the International Ski Federation
International Ski Federation
(FIS) to time all events to the nearest 1/10 second in the future.[citation needed] Although they did not get any medals, the People's Republic of China entered the Olympics Games for the first time after the IOC agreed to designate the Republic of China
Republic of China
"Chinese Taipei". Lake Placid 1980 marked the first use of artificial snow in Olympic competition. Lake Placid 1980 was the last Olympics to be opened by the Vice President of the United States, as 1980 was a Presidential election year.


The Olympic cauldron

The Ski Jumping Complex.

There were 38 events contested in 6 sports (10 disciplines). See the medal winners, ordered by sport:

Alpine skiing
Alpine skiing
(6) (details) Biathlon
(3) (details) Bobsleigh
(2) (details) Cross-country skiing
Cross-country skiing
(7) (details) Figure skating
Figure skating
(4) (details)

Ice hockey
Ice hockey
(1) (details) Luge
(3) (details) Nordic combined
Nordic combined
(1) (details) Ski jumping
Ski jumping
(2) (details) Speed skating
Speed skating
(9) (details)


Map of the venues in Lake Placid

Main article: Venues of the 1980 Winter Olympics

Intervales Ski-Hill – Nordic combined
Nordic combined
(ski jumping), Ski jumping Lake Placid Equestrian Stadium
Lake Placid Equestrian Stadium
– Opening Ceremony Lake Placid Olympic Sports Complex Cross Country Biathlon
Center – Biathlon, Cross-country skiing, Nordic combined
Nordic combined
(Cross-country skiing) Mt. Van Hoevenberg Bob and Luge
Run – Bobsleigh, Luge
(separate tracks) Olympic Center – Figure skating, Ice hockey, Closing ceremonies James B. Sheffield Speed Skating Oval – Speed skating Whiteface Mountain
Whiteface Mountain
– Alpine skiing

Critics decried poorly planned transportation which left spectators waiting for hours in freezing weather, and some athletes complained about lousy accommodation at the Olympic village, where the dorms would later be turned into a prison, FCI Ray Brook. The supply and demand for event tickets never merged, as would-be buyers were unable to buy unsold tickets because only those who already had a ticket could enter ticket-sales areas at venues. Unsold tickets are still being sold as souvenirs at several local tourist shops, including the Olympic Regional Development Association's gift shop at the Olympic Arena. The former Will Rogers Memorial Hospital
Will Rogers Memorial Hospital
was briefly used as press headquarters.[3] Medal count[edit]

Two gold and bronze Olympic medals from XIII Olympic Winter Games, designed by Gladys Gunzer

Main article: 1980 Winter Olympics
1980 Winter Olympics
medal table   Host nation

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total

1  Soviet Union 10 6 6 22

2  East Germany 9 7 7 23

3  United States 6 4 2 12

4  Austria 3 2 2 7

5  Sweden 3 0 1 4

6  Liechtenstein 2 2 0 4

7  Finland 1 5 3 9

8  Norway 1 3 6 10

9  Netherlands 1 2 1 4

10  Switzerland 1 1 3 5

Participating nations[edit] 37 NOCs participated. United States
United States
President Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter
had already called for the boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics
1980 Summer Olympics
in Moscow, leading to a great deal of tension at the Games. Nevertheless, the USSR
and its allies participated (though the USSR
didn't participate in the 1984 Summer Olympics, held in Los Angeles). Cyprus
made their Olympic debut at the games. The People's Republic of China and Costa Rica
Costa Rica
both made their Winter Olympic debut. The Republic of China
Republic of China
had boycotted the Games over the IOC's recognition of the PRC as "China", and its request for the Republic of China
Republic of China
to compete as "Chinese Taipei".[4]

Participating National Olympic Committees

 Andorra (3)  Argentina (12)  Australia (9)  Austria (43)  Belgium (3)  Bolivia (3)  Bulgaria (8)  Canada (58)  China (24)  Costa Rica (3)  Cyprus (3)  Czechoslovakia (41)  Finland (53)  France (22)  East Germany (53)  West Germany (80)  Great Britain (48)  Greece (3)  Hungary (3)  Iceland (6)  Italy (46)  Japan (50)  South Korea (10)  Lebanon (3)  Liechtenstein (7)  Mongolia (3)  Netherlands (29)  New Zealand (5)  Norway (63)  Poland (30)  Romania (35)  Soviet Union (86)  Spain (8)  Sweden (61)  Switzerland (44)  United States (101) (host)  Yugoslavia (15)

Mascot[edit] Main article: Roni (mascot) Roni is the Olympic mascot of these Games, created by Don Moss. The mascot is a racoon, which is a familiar animal from the mountainous region of the Adirondacks where Lake Placid is situated. The name Roni comes from the word racoon in Iroquoian, the language of the native people from the region of the State of New York and Lake Placid and was chosen by Lake Placid school children.[5] Theme song[edit] The official theme song for the 1980 Winter Olympics
1980 Winter Olympics
was "Give It All You Got" by the American flugelhorn player Chuck Mangione, who performed the song (along with the song "Pina Colada") live at the Closing Ceremony, with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra (Canada).[6] See also[edit]

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1980 Winter Olympics
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Center Mt. Van Hoevenberg Bob and Luge
Run Olympic Center Arena James B. Sheffield Speed Skating Oval Whiteface Mountain

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