The Info List - 1970 In Radio

The year 1970 in radio saw the debut of a nationally sydicated music countdown show[1] and the incorporation of NPR.


  • April – KKDA in Dallas, Texas returns to rhythm and blues format.
  • May 1 – Also in the Dallas/Fort Worth market, WBAP-AM 820 and WFAA-AM 570 finally end the time-share arrangement on both frequencies that had lasted since the earliest days of radio, leaving both stations free to finally adopt full-time formats. WBAP launches a country music format that will soon become very popular.[2]
  • July 11 – "American Top 40", hosted by Oakland, California radio personality (and show co-founder) Casey Kasem, is launched in national syndication. Created by Kasem and Don Bustany, and distributed by Watermark Inc., the program features the top 40 hits from Billboard magazine's Hot 100 chart. The show is a success and sets the standard for radio countdown programs for years to come.

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  • February 14 – Simon Pegg, British comedian, film and television actor, radio personality
  • August 16 – Bonnie Bernstein, American television and radio sports reporter and anchor.
  • 23 November – Zoë Ball, British television and radio presenter


  • Billie Burke, 84, American film, stage, radio and television actress


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