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The 1951 Pan American Games
Pan American Games
(the I Pan American Games) were held in Buenos Aires, Argentina
between 25 February-9 March 1951. The Pan American Games' origins were at the Games of the X Olympiad in Los Angeles, United States, where officials representing the National Olympic Committees of the Americas
discussed the staging of an Olympic-style regional athletic competition for the athletes of the Americas.[1] During the Pan American Exposition at Dallas
in 1937, a limited sports program was staged. These included Athletics, Boxing, and Wrestling among others. This program was considered a success and a meeting of Olympic officials from the Americas
was held. At the Pan American Sports Conference held in 1940, It was decided to hold the 1st Pan American Games
Pan American Games
at Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1942. The Pan American Sports Committee was formed to govern the games. Avery Brundage, President of the USOC and Vice-President of the IOC, was elected as the first President. However, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor
brought much of the Americas
into World War II, thus forcing the cancellation of the 1942 games. A second conference was held in 1948. Avery Brundage
Avery Brundage
was re-elected as the President of the PASC. It was decided that Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
would still host the 1st Pan American Games, this time in 1951.


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River Plate Stadium
River Plate Stadium
- Athletics Luna Park Stadium
Luna Park Stadium
- Basketball
and Boxing Estadio Presidente Juan Domingo Perón
Juan Domingo Perón
- Football Club Universitario de Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
- Diving, Swimming and Waterpolo Pista Nacional de Remo, Tigre - Rowing Velódromo Municipal - Cycling Campo de Mayo
Campo de Mayo
- Pan American Village

Opening ceremony[edit] The opening ceremony took place at the Racing Club Stadium. The Greek athlete Aristeidis Roubanis lit the pebble for the first time. The inauguration event was attended by the Argentine President Juan Perón and the member of the Pan-American Games Commission, Avery Brundage. Medal count[edit] For a more comprehensive list, see 1951 Pan American Games
Pan American Games
medal table.

1 Host nation

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Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total

1  Argentina (ARG) 7001680000000000000♠68 7001440000000000000♠44/7001470000000000000♠47 7001380000000000000♠38/7001390000000000000♠39 7002150000000000000♠150/7002154000000000000♠154

2  United States (USA) a 7001440000000000000♠44/7001460000000000000♠46 7001330000000000000♠33 7001180000000000000♠18/7001190000000000000♠19 7001950000000000000♠95/7001980000000000000♠98

3  Chile (CHI) a 7000900000000000000♠9/7000800000000000000♠8 7001200000000000000♠20/7001190000000000000♠19 7001120000000000000♠12 7001410000000000000♠41/7001390000000000000♠39

4  Cuba (CUB) 7000900000000000000♠9 7000900000000000000♠9 7001100000000000000♠10 7001280000000000000♠28

5  Brazil (BRA) 7000500000000000000♠5 7001150000000000000♠15 7001120000000000000♠12 7001320000000000000♠32


^ The medal counts for Argentina, the United States
United States
and Chile
are disputed. Sports[edit]

Athletics (details) Baseball
(details) Basketball
(details) Boxing
(details) Cycling
(details) Diving
(details) Equestrian (details) Fencing
(details) Football (details) Gymnastics
(details) Modern pentathlon
Modern pentathlon
(details) Polo
(details) Rowing (details) Sailing (details) Shooting (details) Swimming (details) Tennis
(details) Water polo
Water polo
(details) Weightlifting (details) Wrestling


^ Guadalajara 2011 XVI Pan American Games
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