The 1934 FIFA World Cup Final was the deciding match of the 1934 FIFA World Cup. It was contested by Italy and Czechoslovakia. Italy won the game 2-1 for their first World Cup title at the now-closed Stadio Nazionale PNF in Rome in temperatures approaching 40 °C (104 °F).[1]

The last living player from that final, František Plánička, died on 20 July 1996.[2]



Czechoslovakia took the lead with 19 minutes remaining through Antonín Puč. They held the lead for only 10 minutes though, as Italy drew level through striker Raimundo Orsi. There were no more goals in regulation so the match was forced to go into extra time, the first World Cup final to do so. With just five minutes played in extra time, Italy took the lead with a goal from Angelo Schiavio and they held on for the victory.


Italy  2–1 (a.e.t.)  Czechoslovakia
Orsi Goal 81'
Schiavio Goal 95'
Report Puč Goal 71'
Attendance: 55,000
Referee: Ivan Eklind (Sweden)
GK Gianpiero Combi (c)
RB Eraldo Monzeglio
LB Luigi Allemandi
RH Attilio Ferraris
CH Luis Monti
LH Luigi Bertolini
OR Enrique Guaita
IR Giuseppe Meazza
IL Giovanni Ferrari
OL Raimundo Orsi
CF Angelo Schiavio
Vittorio Pozzo
ITA-TCH 1934-06-10.svg
GK František Plánička (c)
RB Josef Čtyřoký
LB Ladislav Ženíšek
RH Rudolf Krčil
CH Štefan Čambal
LH Josef Košťálek
OR Antonín Puč
IR Oldřich Nejedlý
IL František Svoboda
OL František Junek
CF Jiří Sobotka
Karel Petrů

Match rules:

  • 90 minutes
  • Extra time if scores level


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