Events from the year 1929 in China.


*President: Chiang Kai-shek *Premier: Tan Yankai *Vice Premier: Feng Yuxiang



* March 5 – Yi Peiji was appointed as the president of the National Palace Museum and the curator of the antiquities museum by Nationalist Government.


*April 1 – Zhifu is captured by rebel forces in course of the Warlord Rebellion in northeastern Shandong, and subsequently largely destroyed. *April 11 – Battle of Yichang in western Hubei between the armies of the Sichuan clique and New Guangxi clique *Mid-April – Zhang Zongchang's warlord rebel army in northeastern Shandong collapses as result of indiscipline and a government counter-offensive.


*May 15: First Battle of Guilin: Hunan Army attacks Guilin, Guangxi *May 17–21: Second Battle of Guangzhou between New Guangxi clique and Guangdong Army


*June 6 – 1929 Westlake exposition was opened.China.com.cn.
" ''杭州西湖博覽會博物館.'' Retrieved on May 8, 2010.
*June 7–18: Battle of Liuzhou, Guangxi between armies of New Guangxi clique and Hunan *June 21: Battle of Guiping in Guangxi between New Guangxi clique and the National Revolutionary Army


* July 25 – the Soviet government's Assistant Commissar of Foreign Affairs, Lev Karakhan, had issued a manifesto to the Chinese government promising the return of the Chinese Eastern Railway to Chinese control with no financial cost.Elleman; Bruce A.; ''The Soviet Union's Secret Diplomacy Concerning the Chinese Eastern Railway, 1924–1925;'' Journal of Asian Studies, Vol. 53 (1994), S. 461 (Sino-Soviet conflict (1929))


* August 26 – the Karakhan Manifesto was published by the Soviet press, but the document failed to mention neither the return of CER to the Chinese nor the lack of financial compensation. (Sino-Soviet conflict (1929))


*September 23 – Liu Zhennian launches a campaign to crush the Red Spears' uprising in Shandong (1928–1929).


*October 10 – the closing of the 1929 Westlake exposition. *October 18–24: battle at Zhengzhou, Henan between Feng Yuxiang's Northwest Army and National Revolutionary Army


*November – The Red Spear Society ceases to exist on the northern Shandong Peninsula as result of Liu Zhennian's counter-insurgency campaign. *November 20 – Taiping Fire and Marine Insurance, as predecessor of China Taiping Insurance was founded in Shanghai. *November 30 – end of battle of Heishiguan


*December – Gutian Congress


* June 30 – Yang Ti-liang, senior Hong Kong judge * October 13 – Walasse Ting, Chinese-American painter (d. 2010) *Dong Cunrui


*January 10 – Yang Yuting (warlord) *January 19 – Liang Qichao *February 20 – Su Zhaozheng *August 30 – Peng Pai


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