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Eighteen or 18 may refer to: *
18 (number) 18 (eighteen) is the natural number following 17 (number), 17 and preceding 19 (number), 19. In mathematics * Eighteen is a composite number, its divisors being 1 (number), 1, 2 (number), 2, 3 (number), 3, 6 (number), 6 and 9 (number), 9. Three ...
, the natural number following 17 and preceding 19 * one of the years
18 BC __NOTOC__ Year 18 BC was either a common year starting on Friday, Saturday or Sunday or a leap year starting on Saturday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar (the sources differ, see leap year error for further informati ...
, AD 18,
1918 This year is noted for the end of the World War I, First World War, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, as well as for the Spanish flu pandemic that killed 50–100 million people worldwide. Events Belo ...
, 2018

Film, television and entertainment

* ''18'' (film), a 1993 Taiwanese experimental film based on the short story ''God's Dice'' * ''Eighteen'' (film), a 2005 Canadian dramatic feature film * 18 (British Board of Film Classification), a film rating in the United Kingdom, also used in Ireland by the Irish Film Classification Office * 18 (''Dragon Ball''), a character in the ''Dragon Ball'' franchise * "Eighteen", a 2006 episode of the animated television series ''
12 oz. Mouse ''12 oz. Mouse'' is an American adult animated television series created by Matt Maiellaro for Cartoon Network's late-night programming block, Adult Swim. The series revolves around Mouse Fitzgerald, nicknamed "Fitz" (voiced by Maiellaro), an alc ...



* ''18'' (Moby album), 2002 * ''18'' (Nana Kitade album), 2005 * '' 18...'', 2009 debut album by G.E.M.


* "18" (5 Seconds of Summer song), from their 2014 eponymous debut album * "18" (One Direction song), from their 2014 studio album ''Four'' * "18", by Anarbor from their 2013 studio album '' Burnout'' * "
I'm Eighteen "I'm Eighteen" is a song by rock band Alice Cooper, first released as a single in November 1970 backed with "Is It My Body". It was the band's first top-forty success—peaking at number 21—and convinced Warner Bros. that Alice Cooper had the ...
", by Alice Cooper commonly referred to as simply "Eighteen", 1970 * "Eighteen" (CLC song), 2015 *
Eighteen (Pale Waves song) "Eighteen" is a song by English indie pop band Pale Waves from their debut studio album, '' My Mind Makes Noises'' (2018). It was released as the album's fifth single on 24 July 2018 by Dirty Hit. Release The song premiered on BBC Radio 1 show ...
* "Eighteen", by
Connie Francis Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero (born December 12, 1937), known professionally as Connie Francis, is an American pop singer, actress, and top-charting female vocalist of the late 1950s and early 1960s. Called the “First Lady of Rock & Roll” ...
, 1957 * "Eighteen", by
¡Forward, Russia! ¡Forward, Russia! are an English rock band from Leeds, active from between 2004 and 2008, before reforming in 2013. The band's debut album, ''Give Me a Wall'', was released in 2006. Until 2006, the band only named tracks with numbers, in th ...
, 2006 * "Eighteen", by Patricia Cahill, B-side to "Colm Bán", 1971

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18 rating (disambiguation) 18 rating refers to a type of age-based content rating that applies to media entertainment, such as films, television shows and computer games. The following articles document the rating across a range of countries and mediums: Ratings * 18 (Brit ...
* 018 (disambiguation) (zero-one-eight) * o18 (disambiguation) (o-one-eight) {{Numberdis