11-11: En mi cuadra nada cuadra (English title: 11-11: In my block nothing matches) is a Mexican youth telenovela on Nickelodeon Latin America starring Patricio Gallardo, Alberich Bormann and Thali García with Kevin Aponte and Karla Cervantes as the antagonists.[1]

Cast and characters

Main characters

  • Patricio Gallardo as Enrique "Kike" Calderón, a young man who came to live in building 11-11 where he met a beautiful girl named sandra, whom he fell in love with, but he discovers a great secret that was hidden in the building.
  • Alberich Bormann as Enrique Calderón, this character is the adult version of Kike which opts for life when Kike sleeps for the first time in one of the 3 beds that Don Leonardo invented.
  • Thali García as Sandra Jiménez, a talented young woman who can sing and Kike falls in love with seeing her for the first time.
  • Kevin Aponte as Esteban Restrepo, series antagonist; is son of Don Maximiliano Restrepo owner of building 11-11, and one of the lovers of Sandra.
  • Karla Cervantes as Virginia Ramos
  • Reinaldo Zavarce as Juan José "Juanjo" Seminario
  • Carolina Ayala as Ana Teresa
  • Ana Belén Lander as Karina Calderón
  • Virginia Núñez as Anabela
  • Hernán Canto as Valentino
  • Daniela de la Fe as Denisse
  • Emeraude Toubia as Elizabeth
  • Andrea Martínez as Ana
  • Silvana Arias as Mariana Valle
  • Óscar Priego as Joaquín Mendoza

Recurring characters

  • Ismael La Rosa as Jaime Calderón
  • Henry Zakka as Don Camilo
  • Ricardo Silva as Don Maximiliano Restrepo
  • Liliana Rodríguez as Tía Lucrecía
  • Estefany Oliveira as Sharon Restrepo
  • Flor Núñez as Doña Consuelo
  • Jullye Giliberti as Susana Jiménez
  • Sandra Destenave as Patricia

Special guest stars

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominated Result
2013 Kids Choice Awards México[2][3]
Favorite Actor Patricio Gallardo Nominated
Favorite Actress Thali García Nominated
Actor favorite cast Reinaldo Zavarce Nominated
Actor favorite cast Alberich Bormann Nominated
Favorite actress cast Karla Cervantes Nominated
Best Villain Kevin Aponte Nominated
Kids Choice Awards Argentina
Actor favorite cast Reinaldo Zavarce Nominated


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