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.to is the Internet
country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of the island kingdom of Tonga. The government of Tonga
sells domains in its ccTLD to any interested party. The .to ccTLD is administered by the Tonga
Network Information Center (Tonic).[1] Because to is a common English preposition, it became popular to craft memorable URLs called domain hacks that take advantage of this; URL shortening/redirection services (e.g. go.to) are a popular use. Other domain hacks do not use the to as a preposition, including Daniel J. Bernstein's website cr.yp.to, London web development company Potato p.ota.to, and uploading services such as uloz .to (which means "save it" in Czech and Slovak). "T.O." is also a common nickname for Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is used as a city domain extension as exemplified by popular Toronto sites www.dine .to (Dining in Toronto) and www.jobs .to (Job Bank Toronto). This domain extension is also used for the city of Torino (Turin), Italy. As the .to domains are purchased, all normal DNS operations are possible and registered sites are not required to display ads on behalf of the registrar. Some domains are free, like .edu.to, but only to real Tongan educational institutions. At this moment businesses registered in Tonga
can also get free domains. People who sell on .to domains can claim a commission. .to is one of the few ccTLDs that (officially) do not maintain a (public) WHOIS
database providing registrant information. It is possible to contact domain registrants via tonic .to by typing the domain in the domain search field under "New Domain Name".[2] The top-level domain to itself had an A record and a HTTP server since at least 1998.[3] The .to registry allows the creation of emoji domain names.[4] References[edit]

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Wayback Machine
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