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is the Internet
country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Italy. Because it is also the English word it, and many words end with -it, this can commonly used in the construction of domain hacks, such as play .it
(now owned by CBS Radio), write .it
or make.it. There are a number of reserved second-level domain names, for example, domain names like Italy.it, or other names that are referring to geographical regions of Italy.[1]

.gov .it
– The official governmental domain, and its use is increasing rapidly. It is also used by some public schools. .edu .it
– This extension has never been used, even though its use has been proposed in the past. As of 2015, most schools and universities in Italy
use second-level domains such as in unibocconi .it
or unitn.it. Domains in the form comune.<locality> .it
and comune.<locality>.<province code> .it
are reserved to Italian municipalities. The former variant is normally used by the province capital towns, the latter by smaller towns. If there are blank spaces in the town name, they can either be omitted or replaced by a hyphen sign. Domains in the form provincia.<province> .it
are reserved to Italian provinces. Domains in the form regione.<region> .it
are reserved to Italian regions.

Reserved domains are not limited to the provided examples: any domain name which appears to be linked to an administrative geographical subdivision is reserved. E.g. the town of Tuoro sul Trasimeno
Tuoro sul Trasimeno
have the following domains reserved:[2] Tuoro.Perugia.it, Tuoro.PG.it, TuorosulTrasimeno.Perugia.it, Tuoro-sul-Trasimeno.Perugia.it, TuorosulTrasimeno.PG.it, Tuoro-sul-Trasimeno.PG.it, TuoroTrasimeno.Perugia.it, Tuoro-Trasimeno.Perugia.it, TuoroTrasimeno.PG.it, Tuoro-Trasimeno.PG.it. However, only comune.Tuoro-sul-Trasimeno.PG .it
is actually registered as the official town hall web site. Furthermore, and even if it is not explicitly listed, it is not possible to privately register a domain such as comune-di-tuoro-sul-trasimeno.it.[3] References[edit]

^ http://www.nic.it/create-and-change.it/domini-riservati-geografici-1/domini-riservati-e-non-assegnabili ^ http://www.nic.it/documenti/appendice-c.pdf ^ http://www.nic.it/create-and-change.it/domini-riservati-geografici-1/domini-riservati-agli-enti-locali-territoriali

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