The Info List - Živojin Mišić

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Mišić is a Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian surname, derived from the male given name Mišo, or from the singular meaning "small mouse" and "muscle". It may refer to:

Alojzije Mišić (1859–1945), Bosnian Croat Catholic bishop Bojan Mišić (born 1978), Serbian footballer Božidar Mišić (born 1902), first Serbian professional watch maker Biljana Mišić (born 1983), Serbian actress Janko Mišić (1900–1929), Yugoslav politician Josip Mišić (born 1986), Croatian footballer Josip Mišić (born 1994), Croatian footballer Milana Misic
Milana Misic
(born 1970), Finnish singer of partly Croatian descent Petar Mišić (born 1994), Croatian footballer Siniša Mišić (born 1961), Serbian historian Živojin Mišić (1855–1921), Serbian and early Yugoslav general Živorad Mišić (born 1986), Serbian footballer

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