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Božović (Cyrillic: Божовић, pronounced [bôːʒoʋitɕ]; plural: Božovići, Божовићи) is Serbian surname, and is one of the most common surnames in Serbia
and Montenegro.[1] It derives from personal name Božo (Божо), cognate of the English name Theodor. The part ov designates possession: Božov means Božo's. The suffix ić is a diminutive designation, or descendant designation. Thus the last name can be translated as Božo's son or Božo's daughter. There are several families in Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina who carry this last name. The most numerous and the most prominent of the Božovići are the Serbian Old Herzegovina
Old Herzegovina
clan of Božovići, who are originally from the Piva River
Piva River
region. More of the Božovići are found in Eastern Herzegovina, in the Užice
region, and in Kosovo. Despite the common last name, they are not mutually related. People with last name Božović:

Bojan Božović, footballer, born 1985 Janko Božović, Austrian handball player Milivoje Božović, basketball player Miodrag Božović, coach Mladen Božović, footballer, born 1984 Petar Božović, actor Radoman Božović, former Prime Minister of Serbia Saša Božović (1912–1995), Serbian doctor, writer and antifascist Vladimir Božović, footballer, born 1981 Vojin Božović, football player and manager, born 1913 Vukajlo Božović, military commander

Recipients of the Order of the People's Hero of Yugoslavia:

Božo Božović (1907-1993) Vlado Božović (1915-2010) Vukosav Božović (1916-1943) Dragoljub Božović Žuća (1922-1943) Radislav Božović Raško (1910-1942) Radomir Božović Raco (1915-2000)


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