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ČIOVO (pronounced ; Italian : Bua) is a small island located off the Adriatic coast in Croatia
with an area of 28.8 square kilometres (11.1 sq mi) (length 15.3 km (9.5 mi), width up to 3.5 km (2.2 mi)), population of 5,908 inhabitants (2011) and its highest peak is 218 m (Rudine).

The centre of the island has geographical coordinates 43°30′N 16°17′E / 43.500°N 16.283°E / 43.500; 16.283 , and the annual rainfall is about 900 mm (35 in).


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is located in central Dalmatia
, protecting the city of Trogir and Kaštela gulf. On its SE part it is only two km distant from the cape Marjan , on its northern part it is connected to the mainland with a small bascule bridge in the old centre of Trogir , and actually Trogir spread itself onto the island. Besides the portion of Trogir, on the island there are several villages: Arbanija , Žedno , Okrug Gornji , Okrug Donji , Slatine and Prizidnica .

The vegetation is typically Mediterranean
, consisting mainly in understory (holm oak , myrtle , wormwood , juniper etc.). On the northern side (exposed to the wind bura ) are forests of pine and cypress . Major crops include olives , figs , almonds , vines and citrus fruit.


In the Middle Ages