Raking Grasp

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Raking Grasp
A grasp is an act of taking, holding or seizing firmly with (or as if with) the hand. An example of a grasp is the handshake, wherein two people grasp one of each other's like hands. In zoology particularly, prehensility is the quality of an appendage or organ that has adapted for grasping or holding. Grasping is often preceded by reaching, which is highly dependent on head and trunk control, as well as eye control and gaze. Development The development of grasping is an important component of child development stages, wherein the main types of grasps are: * ''Raking grasp'', wherein the fingers, but not including the thumb, do all the holding.Page 176, section "Grasp"
* ''Palmar grasp'', wherein the fingers squeeze against the palm, instead of against themselves as in the ''raking grasp''.
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