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Treaty Of Saigon (1862)
The Treaty of Saigon was signed on 5 June 1862 between representatives of the French Empire and the last precolonial emperor of the House of Nguyen, Emperor Tự Đức. Based on the terms of the accord, Tự Đức ceded Saigon, the island of Poulo Condor and three southern provinces of what was to become known as Cochinchina (Bien Hoa, Gia Dinh, and Dinh Tuong) to the French. The treaty was confirmed by the Treaty of Hué signed on 14 April 1863. See also *Western imperialism in Asia References Saigon, Treaty of, Encyclopædia Britannica 2006, Encyclopædia Britannica Premium Service. 30 Mar. 2006*
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