The BBC's Lonclass ("London Classification") is a subject classification system used internally at the BBC throughout its BBC Archives, archives. Lonclass is derived from the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC), itself a reworking of the earlier Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC). Lonclass dates from the 1960s, whereas UDC was created from DDC in the late 19th century. The BBC adaptation of UDC preserves the core features that distinguish UDC from DDC: an emphasis on a compositional semantics that allows new items to be expressed in terms of relationships between known items. Lonclass and UDC (like DDC) are expressed using codes based on decimal numbers. Unlike DDC, the Lonclass and UDC codes use additional punctuation to express patterns of relationships and re-usable qualifiers. While Lonclass makes a few structural adjustments to the UDC system to support its emphasis on TV and radio content, its main distinction is in the actual set of topics that are recorded within its au ...
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Universal Decimal Classification
The Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) is a bibliographic and library classification representing the systematic arrangement of all branches of human knowledge organized as a coherent system in which knowledge fields are related and inter-linked. The UDC is an analytico-synthetic and faceted classification system featuring detailed vocabulary and syntax that enables powerful content indexing and information retrieval in large collections.UDC History
"About UDC" - UDC Consortium website
Since 1991, the UDC has been owned and managed by the UDC Consortium, a non-profit international association of publishers with headquarters in ,