Budhindranath Delihial Bhattacharya

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Budhindranath Delihial Bhattacharya
Budhindranath Delihial Bhattacharya (1865 - 1945) also known as Budhi Babu, Budhindra Nath Bhattacharya, is renowned for his work ''The Pronouncing Anglo Assamese Dictionaries'', which was first published in 1931. He was also a tea planter of The Crown of England, which later came under the Legislative Council of Eastern Bengal and Assam, Governments of Assam & West Bengal. Early life and education His father's name was Dharmadutta Bhattacharya and his mother's name was Aai Keteki Devi, of Nowgong, Assam. Budhindranath left a volume of literary works as a dramatist, author, editor and lexicographer. Budhindranath went to the Government High School, Nagaon, under the patronage of Rai Bahadur Gunabhiram Baruah. He was a talented student. In 1885, he passed the entrance examination and was admitted to the General Assembly Institution, now called City College, Kolkata City College, where he earned a degree in fine arts. In Jaipur, he met Rai Bahadur Radhakanta Handique, Satyanath Bo ...
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