1947 Coup Group (Thailand)

1947 Coup Group (Thailand)
The National Military Council ( th, คณะทหารแห่งชาติ) was the group of military officers that planned and carried out a Siamese coup d'état of 1947, coup d'état in November 1947 in Thailand. Their prestige and influence were quickly enhanced by Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram's return to politics. They would however outlast him and dominate Thai politics for the next two decades. Most would eventually receive high ranks, becoming General officer, generals and Field marshal (Thailand), field marshals. Membership The council consisted of approximately forty junior army officers led by a small number of commanding officers, many of whom had been forced into retirement by Pridi Phanomyong at the end of the Second World War—men with little other than conspiracy to keep themselves occupied. The coterie's leading members were Field Marshal Sarit Dhanarajata, Sarit Thanarat, commander of the Bangkok-based First Division, Police General Phao Sriyanond ...
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