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Awo Omamma
AWO-OMAMMA (also Awo Omamma or Awo-Njaba), in the Northeast of Niger Delta is an oil-rich town on the banks of Njaba River in Nigeria
's South East Imo State . CONTENTS * 1 Location * 2 Health and Community Development * 3 Brewery Plant * 4 Oil and Gas * 5 Agriculture and Infrastructure * 6 History and Culture * 7 Trade Route * 8 Biafran Crisis * 9 Demographics * 10 References * 11 External links LOCATIONSituated in Oru-East , Awo-omamma is some 25 kilometers from Owerri and 62.5 kilometers from Onitsha . :13 It covers about 89.2 square kilometres, :13 on the bank of Njaba River and lies in tropical rain forest, with hot and rainy seasons. According to Rich Piazza, a volunteer with the Peace Corps in Awo-omamma, a four-day torrential downpour typifies the extreme of the rainy season in the town

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