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Yemima Tchernovitz-Avidar
YEMIMA AVIDAR-TCHERNOVITZ (Hebrew : ימימה אבידר-טשרנוביץ‎; October 1909 – March 20, 1998) was an Israeli author whose works became classics of modern Hebrew children’s literature . Born in Vilna
, Lithuania
in 1909, she arrived in Palestine in 1921, at the age of 12. A teacher and school principal, she also worked in children's radio with Kol Yerushalayim
Kol Yerushalayim
, with the Nursery School Teachers’ Theater and on the editorial board of Dvar HaPo’elet. Her books for children are foundational in the sippurei havurah (band-of-friends) genre and were among the earliest based on the ordinary lives of children. In addition to her original works, she translated other works into Hebrew. Among her honors are the Israel Prize for children's literature (1984) and the Yakir Yerushalaim award (1992)

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