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WEROWOCOMOCO was a town that served as the headquarters of the Powhatan , a Virginia Algonquian political and spiritual leader when the English founded Jamestown in 1607. The name Werowocomoco
comes from the Powhatan werowans (weroance ), meaning "leader" in English; and komakah (-comoco), "settlement". The town was documented by English settlers in 1608 as located near the north bank of the York River in what is now Gloucester County . It was separated by that river and the narrow Virginia Peninsula
Virginia Peninsula
from the English settlement of Jamestown, located on the James River
James River
. Powhatan\'s Chimney at Wicomico , a site of historical ruins associated with a house purported to have been built for Powhatan, was long thought to have been the site of this capital. Its probable true site was tentatively identified by archaeologists in 2003 at a site on Purtan Bay , further west on the York River

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