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Act Of Parliament
Acts of Parliament, also called primary legislation, are statutes passed by a parliament (legislature). Act of the Oireachtas is an equivalent term used in the Republic of Ireland where the legislature is commonly known by its Irish name, Oireachtas.

Ngooraialum were an indigenous Australian tribal subgroup, one of 3 comprising the Ngurai-illam-wurrung, though Norman Tindale placed them among the Taungurong

Krauatungalung People
The Krauatungalung were an indigenous Australian tribe of East Gippsland, in Victoria. They are now extinct

The Gulidjan, also known as the Kolakngat, perhaps originally Kolidjon, or Colac tribe are an indigenous Australian tribe whose traditional lands cover the Lake Colac region of Victoria, Australia. They occupied the grasslands, woodlands, volcanic plains and lakes region east of Lake Corangamite, west of the Barwon River and north of the Otway Ranges

The Koori People are Indigenous Australians of New South Wales and Victoria. This is their preferred term, expressing pride in their heritage and race.

The Kulin nation is an alliance of five Indigenous Australian tribes in south central Victoria, Australia. Their collective territory extended around Port Phillip and Western Port, up into the Great Dividing Range and the Loddon and Goulburn River valleys. Before British colonisation, the tribes spoke five related languages

The Kirrae, according to Norman Tindale, were an indigenous Australian people of the State of Victoria. The historian Ian D. Clark has reclassified much of the material regarding them in Tindale under the Djargurd Wurrung, a term reflecting the assumed pre-eminence of one of their clans, the Jacoort/Djargurd

Kurung People
The Kurung were identified as an indigenous Australian group of the State of Victoria by Norman Tindale

The Kwatkwat were an indigenous Australian tribe of the State of Victoria, though some scholars consider them part of the broader Yorta Yorta/Pangerang macrogroup.

The Latjilatji were an indigenous Australian people of the state of Victoria, Australia.

The Marditjali were an Indigenous Australian people, a small tribe, distinct from the Jaadwa whose lands extended from the state of Victoria to South Australia.

Jarijari were an indigenous Australian people whose traditional territory was located in the Mallee region of Victoria.

The Pangerang or Bangerang are the indigenous Australians who traditionally occupied much of what is now north-eastern Victoria stretching along the Murray River to Echuca and into the areas of the southern Riverina in New South Wales. They may not have been an independent tribal reality, as Norman Tindale thought, but one of the many Yorta Yorta tribes