In mathematical analysis, the word ''region'' usually refers to a subset of \R^n or \Complex^n that is open (in the standard Euclidean topology), simply connected and non-empty. A closed region is sometimes defined to be the closure of a region. Regions and closed regions are often used as domains of functions or differential equations. According to Kreyszig, :A region is a set consisting of a domain plus, perhaps, some or all of its boundary points. (The reader is warned that some authors use the term "region" for what we call a domain ollowing standard terminology and others make no distinction between the two terms.) According to Yue Kuen Kwok, :An open connected set is called an ''open region'' or ''domain''. ...to an open region we may add none, some, or all its limit points, and simply call the new set a ''region''.Yue Kuen Kwok (2002) ''Applied Complex Variables for Scientists and Engineers'', § 1.4 Some topological definitions, p 23, Cambridge University Press,

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