The pygmy gerbil (''Gerbillus henleyi'') is distributed mainly in Algeria to Israel and the Arabian Peninsula. It is also known as Henley's gerbil or pygmy dipodil. ''Gerbillus henleyi'' is a long-tailed small gerbil with a back coat that is dark grey-brown which has specific white spots, and the species has small upper molars. Gerbillus henleyi, like other species of the Genus Gerbillus, forage nocturnally and have mainly a plant based diet, and also depend on those dietary items for energy and water.Khokhlova, I. S., Kam, M., & Degen, A. A. (1997). A Small Gerbil That Maximizes Intake of Energy from Low-Energy Food. Journal of Mammalogy, 78(1), 158–162. doi: 10.2307/1382648


* Database entry includes a brief justification of why this species is of least concern. {{Taxonbar|from=Q289439 Category:Gerbillus Category:Rodents of North Africa Category:Rodents of Asia Category:Mammals described in 1903 Category:Taxa named by William Edward de Winton