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Olota Of Ota
The Olota of Ota is the traditional, yet ceremonial, sovereign of Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. He is also called an Oba. Historically, the Olota of Ota was a crowned ruler whose power came from the traditional homeland of the Yoruba, Ile-Ife.[1] Since the first local elections in 1955, he has had no political power, but is sought as a counsel or sponsor by Nigerian politicians who seek support from the residents of Ota. The official residence of the Oba is a palace within the town.[2] Selection of an Olota[edit] When a reigning Olota dies, the Ota Council of Chiefs receives an official report of his death. Burial rites are performed, and last for three months. Following the end of the three-month mourning period, the selection and enthronement procedures for a new Olota begin. Candidates come from one of the three ruling houses: Ikowogbe, Ijemo-Isolosi, and Ileshi. Ruling houses are rotated so that each has an opportunity to produce an Oba

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