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Mainland Europe (orthographic Projection)
MAINLAND is a contiguous landmass that is larger and often politically, economically and/or demographically more significant than politically associated remote territories , such as exclaves or oceanic islands situated outside the continental shelf . In geography, "mainland" can denote the continental (i.e. non-insular) part of any polity or the main island within an island nation . In geopolitics , "mainland" is sometimes used interchangeably with terms like Metropole as an antonym to overseas territories . In the sense of "heartland", mainland is the opposite of periphery. The term is used on multiple levels. From a Tasmanian perspective, continental Australia
is the mainland, while to residents of Flinders Island , the main island of Tasmania
is also "the mainland". When you are "down the shore" in New Jersey , there is are "island" and "mainland" in areas with an island. For example, Long Beach Island is considered the island, while Manahawkin and Tuckerton are part of the mainland

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