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Shaanxi (Chinese: 陕西, Mandarin pronunciation: [ʂàn.ɕí] (listen); alternately Shensi) is a landlocked province of the People's Republic of China. Officially part of Northwest China, it borders the province-level divisions of Shanxi (NE, E), Henan (E), Hubei (SE), Chongqing (S), Sichuan (SW), Gansu (W), Ningxia (NW) and Inner Mongolia (N). Shaanxi covers an area of over 205,000 km2 (79,151 sq mi) with about 37 million people, the 16th highest in China
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Opening Campaign
The Opening Campaign of the Chinese Civil War was the second phase of the conflict, beginning at the end of World War II with the surrender of Japan. After the war ended, the Second United Front had no more meaning, and it disbanded. The generals of the nationalist and communist causes scrapped for territory, beginning the second chapter of the bloody conflict. Japan's defeat at the end of the Pacific War left a power vacuum across large parts of China, as the Kuomintang under Chiang Kai-shek and the Chinese Communist Party under Mao Zedong began to take over territories that were recently conquered by Japan. The end of World War II brought an end to the Japanese control over China and their puppet the Reorganized National Government of China's over Nanjing, but sporadic fighting between the Japanese and both Chinese political groups continued for a while
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Battle Of Dawan Cheng
The Battle of Dawan Cheng (1934) occurred when Gen. Ma Zhongying's Chinese Muslim 36th Division encountered a Soviet Russian Army armoured car column. The 36th Division was withdrawing, chased by White Russian and Mongol troops and Chinese forces allied with them. The 36th Division wiped out nearly the entire column, after engaging the Russians in fierce, sometimes hand-to-hand combat, and knocked the wrecked Russian armored cars down the mountain. When a White Russian force showed up, Ma Zhongying withdrew.[1][2][3]

Battle Of Tutung
Soviet victory The Battle of Tutong (1934) occurred when Gen. Ma Zhongying's Chinese Muslim 36th Division was attacked by the Soviet Red Army on the banks of the frozen Tutung River. The battle took place over several days, and Soviet bombers used mustard gas.[1] At one point the Chinese Muslim troops dressed up in sheepskins for camouflage in the snow, and stormed Soviet machine-gun posts with curved swords at a short range and defeated a Soviet pincer attack. Casualties were getting heavy on both sides before Ma Zhongying ordered a retreat.[2][3]
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