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Farrukhzad Khosrow V
FARRUKHZAD KHOSRAU V was briefly king of the Sasanian Empire
Sasanian Empire
from March 631 to April 631. He was the son of Khosrau II . BIOGRAPHYFarrukhzad Khosrau V was the son of Khosrau II . Since his father was said to have had a shabestan with over 3,000 concubines , it is not known if one of these concubines was his mother or Khosrau's favorite wife Shirin was. Farrukhzad Khosrau also had many other siblings and half-siblings named Mardanshah , Juvansher , Borandukht , Kavadh II , Shahriyar, and Azarmidokht . In 628, his father was deposed by the Sasanian nobles in favor of his brother Kavadh II, who executed all of their brothers and half-brothers. However, Farrukhzad Khosrau managed to flee to a fortress near Nisibis where he took refuge

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