Cabinet or The Cabinet may refer to:


* Cabinetry, a box-shaped piece of furniture with doors and/or drawers * Display cabinet, a piece of furniture with one or more transparent glass sheets or transparent polycarbonate sheets * Filing cabinet, a piece of office furniture used to file folders * Arcade cabinet, a type of furniture which houses arcade games


* Cabinet (government), a council of high-ranking members of government * Cabinet, term used for government entities that report directly to the governor's office in the state of Kentucky, US * Cabinet (European Commission) * England local government executive arrangements: "leader and cabinet" and "mayor and cabinet" models *National Cabinet (Australia), special cabinet for 2020 COVID-19 pandemic *War cabinet, typically set up in wartime


* Loudspeaker enclosure * Computer case * A slotted screwdriver blade type * Serving area interface or telecoms cabinet


* ''The Cabinet'' (TV series), an Australian political program * Cabinet (file format), a computer compressed file extension * ''Cabinet'' (magazine), on art and culture * ''Cabinet'' (album), by Spawn of Possession * ''Cabinet'' (film), a 1994 Indian Malayalam film * ''Milford Cabinet'', a New Hampshire newspaper


* Cabinet (cigarette), a German brand of cigarettes * Cabinet (room), an early private room * Cabinet Room (White House) * The Cabinet (professional wrestling) faction

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