CDC may refer to:



* Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the national public health agency of the United States * Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a South Korean agency * Taiwan Centers for Disease Control * Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention * Civil Defence Corps, UK, 1949-1968 * Community Development Council, Singapore * Community of Democratic Choice, of Eastern European countries * Canadian Dairy Commission


* Congress for Democratic Change, a Liberian political party * Democratic Convergence of Catalonia ( ca|Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya|links=no), a political party in Catalonia, Spain 1974–2016 * California Democratic Council, US


* Coalition to Diversify Computing, a joint organization of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Computing Research Association (CRA)


* Community development corporation, any non-profit organization that promotes and supports a community * Certified Development Company, a U.S. Small Business Administration program designed to provide financing for the purchase of fixed assets * Commission for Developing Countries, a Commission of the International Mathematical Union


* ' ("Deposits and Consignments Fund"), a financial institution owned by the French government * CDC Group, formerly the Commonwealth Development Corporation and Colonial Development Corporation, a British development organisation owned by the UK Government * Cameroon Development Corporation, an agribusiness company located in Limbe, Cameroon * Central Depository Company, a Pakistani central securities depository company * Control Data Corporation, former supercomputer company ** CDC Software, a computer software company spun off from Control Data Corporation * ComfortDelGro Australia, a major Australian operator of buses formerly named ComfortDelGro Cabcharge * Construction Data Company, also known as CDC News and CDC Publishing, a commercial construction reporting service * Loong Air, by ICAO code

Other organizations

* Cult of the Dead Cow (cDc), a computer hacker and DIY media organization


* Center Day Camp, North Windham, Maine, U.S. * ', library in Quebec, Canada * Communicable Disease Centre, former hospital in Novena, Singapore * Cedar City Regional Airport, by IATA code


* Cholesterol-dependent cytolysin, exotoxins secreted by bacteria * Cell-division cycle in biology **cdc20 **cdc25 **Cdc42, cell-division cycle protein * Complement-dependent cytotoxicity * Conventional dendritic cell, cDC * Cross dehydrogenative coupling


* Change data capture, to track changed data * Clock domain crossing of a signal * Connected Device Configuration, of required Java ME features * Communications daughter card for notebook computers * Carbide-derived carbon * USB communications device class

Other uses

* ''CDC?'', a children's book by William Steig * Combat Direction Center of an aircraft carrier * Cul de canard, duck feathers used in fly fishing * Continuous Discharge Certificate, seafarer's identity document

See also

* C.DC., the Swiss botany author abbreviation of Anne Casimir de Candolle * Africa CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) {{disambiguation