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Bishop Of Nebbio
The DIOCESE OF NEBBIO (Latin: Dioecesis Nebiensis) was a Roman Catholic diocese located in the town of Saint-Florent in Corsica
. The Cathedral is on a low hill one mile from the port of Saint-Florent. In the Medieval period the Bishop of Nebbio was also the temporal lord of nearly all the lands in his diocese. In 1667, Nebbio was completely abandoned and the bishop lived in Saint-Florent, a town of about 200 inhabitants, under the dominion of the Republic of Genoa. The diocese had some 22 places. The Cathedral Chapter had two dignities, the Archdeacon and the Provost, and three Canons. In 1770 the diocese was under the dominion of the King of France, and Saint-Fleur had about 600 inhabitants. The Chapter of the Cathedral still existed, with two dignities and six Canons. The diocese of Nebbio was suppressed by the National Constituent Assembly through the Civil Constitution of the Clergy
Civil Constitution of the Clergy
in 1790

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