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407th Air Expeditionary Group
The 407TH AIR EXPEDITIONARY GROUP (407 AEG) is a provisional United States Air Force unit assigned to the United States Air Forces Central Command 332d Air Expeditionary Wing . It was stationed at Ali Air Base , Iraq until the closure of the base on 16 December 2011. It was activated as part of the 332d Air Expeditionary Wing due to Military intervention against ISIL at Ahmed Al Jaber Air Base . The 407 AEG provided air operations support for coalition air dominance, battlespace control, and security to advance the stabilization of southern Iraq. It provides coalition tactical airlift support with aerial port operations. The 407 AEG was the first Air Force unit to stand up combat operations within Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom . The group traces its history back to the World War II
World War II
407TH BOMBARDMENT GROUP (DIVE) which was established 23 March 1943, at Drew Field , Florida

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