Ultranationalism is "extreme nationalism that promotes the interest of one state or people above all others", or simply "extreme devotion to one's own nation". When combined with the notion of national rebirth, ultranationalism is a key foundation of fascism. Some ultranationalist organisations have been designated as terrorist movements by certain nation states. According to Janusz Bugajski, "in its most extreme or developed forms, ultra-nationalism resembles fascism, marked by a xenophobic disdain of other nations, support for authoritarian political arrangements verging on totalitarianism, and a mythical emphasis on the 'organic unity' between a charismatic leader, an organizationally amorphous movement-type party, and the nation". Roger Griffin asserts that ultranationalism is essentially xenophobic and is known to legitimise itself "through deeply mythicized narratives of past cultural or political periods of historical greatness or of old scores to settle against alleged enemies". It can also draw on "vulgarized forms of physical anthropology, genetics, and eugenics to rationalize ideas of national superiority and destiny, of degeneracy and subhumanness".

Ultranationalist political parties

Currently represented in national legislatures

The following political parties have been characterised as ultranationalist. *Cyprus: ELAM *Germany: Alternative for Germany *Greece: Greek Solution *India: Shiv Sena *Israel: Religious Zionist Party, Otzma Yehudit *Japan: Liberal Democratic Party (faction) *Poland: National Movement *Russia: Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, Rodina *Myanmar: Union Solidarity and Development Party (proxy party of ruling military government) *Slovakia: People's Party Our Slovakia *Spain: Vox *Switzerland: Swiss People's Party *Turkey: Nationalist Movement Party, Great Union Party *Ukraine: Svoboda

Formerly represented in national legislatures

* Cambodia: Communist Party of Kampuchea * Greece: Golden Dawn *Serbia: Serbian Radical Party *Bulgaria: Attack

Ultranationalist political organizations

*Japan: Nippon Kaigi, Zaitokukai *Turkey: Grey Wolves *United Kingdom: English Defence League

See also

*Far-right politics *Integral nationalism *Neo-fascism *Palingenetic ultranationalism *Right-wing authoritarianism *Right-wing populism


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