Oknha ( km|ឧកញ៉ា, also spelled as Oknya or Oknia) is an honorary title in Cambodia. It has different meanings depending on the period it was used. In premodern times, "Oknha" were envoys appointed by the king, who were expected to perform a wide variety of duties, take elaborate oaths of loyalty, and present the monarch with regular gifts. Oknha is one of the noble titles, above ''Preah'' () and below ''Neak Oknha'' (). It equals to ''Okya'' () of the Ayutthaya Kingdom. The title ''Oknha'' is created since the 18th century to replace the title ''Ponhea'' (), which could be translated as ''Phraya'' () in Thai. The word ''Oknha'' is referred to as ''Ốc nha'' (屋牙) in ancient Vietnamese records.


In present-day, ''Oknha'' is the highest title bestowed on civilians (non-royalty) by the Cambodian king. The word means "nobleman" or "lord". Since 20 March 2017, anyone hoping to be bestowed with the title must make contributions of $500,000 or more to the government. There are three levels of ''Oknha'': ''Lok Oknha'' (), ''Neak Oknha'' () and ''Oknha''.


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