Niche may refer to:


*Developmental niche, a concept for understanding the cultural context of child development *Ecological niche, a term describing the relational position of an organism's species *Niche differentiation, in ecology, the process by which competing species use the environment differently in a way that helps them to coexist *Niche (protein structural motif) *Stem-cell niche, the necessary cellular environment of a stem cell

Other uses

*Bassline (music genre), a type of music related to UK garage also called Niche *Niche (architecture), an exedra or an apse that has been reduced in size ** A cell of a columbarium for a cremation urn *Niche (company), an Internet search and review service *Niche (horse), a British Thoroughbred racehorse *''Niche'' (video game), a 2017 video game *Niche market, a focused, targetable portion (subset) of a market sector **Niche blogging, a blog focused on a niche market * Niche, a character in the manga ''Tegami Bachi'' *Niche (footballer), Bissau-Guinean footballer *Network in Canadian History and Environment, a group of Canadian environmental historians {{disambiguation