Laid may refer to: *"Get laid", a slang term for
sexual intercourse Sexual intercourse (or coitus or copulation) is a sexual activity Human sexual activity, human sexual practice or human sexual behaviour is the manner in which humans experience and express their sexuality Human sexuality is the w ...

sexual intercourse


Laid, Sutherland Laid is a remote, linear crofting township (Scotland), township scattered along the A838 road on the western shore of the sea loch, Loch Eriboll in Sutherland in the northern Scottish Highlands.Chelghoum Laïd District, a district of Mila Province, Algeria *Laid (Estonian: island) as in: **, an island in the Baltic Sea belonging to the country of Estonia ** Uuluti laid, a small islet off the coast of Virtsu Peninsula in the Baltic Sea ** (Äpleö, meaning Apple Island), an Estonian islet in the Baltic Sea


* Laid Saidi, an Algerian that claimed he was imprisoned in a CIA black site in Afghanistan * Laid Belhamel, an Algerian football player

Companies and brands

* Laid (company), a Norwegian company that designs and manufactures sex toys

Film and television

* ''Laid'' (TV series), an Australian television series *
Opie Gets Laid ''Opie Gets Laid'', originally titled ''Sunnyvale'' for its film festival submissions, is a 2005 American independent romantic comedy film written and directed by James Ricardo and starring James Ricardo, April Wade, Ute Werner and Jesselynn Desm ...
, an American film *
Sammy and Rosie Get Laid ''Sammy and Rosie Get Laid'' is a 1987 British film directed by Stephen Frears, with a screenplay by Hanif Kureishi. Plot Sammy (Ayub Khan-Din) and Rosie (Frances Barber) are a married couple, both leading a promiscuous Bohemianism, bohemian li ...
, a British film


*Laid (Dutch: song) as in Grönnens Laid (Song of Groningen), the anthem of the Groningen province in the Netherlands * ''Laid'' (album), the sixth release and fifth studio album by the British alternative rock band James 1993 **
Laid (song) "Laid" is the title song from Manchester alternative rock band James (band), James's fifth studio album, ''Laid (album), Laid'' (1993). Released on 1 November 1993, the song was a commercial success, charting in the United Kingdom, Australia, and ...
, a song by Manchester band James from ''Laid'' * ''Laid'' (Skunk album), 1991 *"Laid", a song by Loudon Wainwright III from '' 40 Odd Years'' box set 2011

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