As, AS, A/S or similar may refer to:

Art, entertainment, and media

* "As" (song), a song by Stevie Wonder * , a Spanish sports newspaper * , academic male voice choir of Helsinki, Finland * Adult Swim, a programming block on Cartoon Network.

Business legal structures

* , a Czech form of joint-stock company * , a Slovak form of joint-stock company * or ''⅍'', a type of Danish stock-based company * or ''AS'', a type of Norwegian stock-based company * or ''AS'', an Estonian form of joint-stock company

Businesses and organizations

* A.S. Roma, an Italian football club * Alaska Airlines, IATA airline designator * (Belgium), a Belgian resistance organization * KK AS Basket, a Serbian basketball club * , a French resistance organization * Oakland Athletics, an American baseball team, referred to as the A's * Australian Standards, a standards organisation established in 1922

Education and research

* Academia Sinica, the national academy of Taiwan * AS-level (disambiguation), with several uses in education * Associate of Science, an American academic degree


* As language, a language of West Papua, Indonesia * as, ISO 639-1 code for the Assamese language of India * As (cuneiform) sign * Aš (cuneiform) sign

Mathematics, science and technology


* as (Unix), the assembler program * .as, the Internet country code top-level domain for American Samoa * ActionScript, for Flash and Flex applications * Autonomous system (Internet), a collection of IP networks * Application server, a server to run the back-end application

Health and medicine

* Angelman syndrome, a neuro-genetic disorder * Ankylosing spondylitis, a type of arthritis * Aortic stenosis, a valvular heart disease * Asparagine synthase (glutamine-hydrolysing), an enzyme * Asperger syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder * Auricular splint, a custom-made medical device for maintaining auricular projection and dimensions following second stage auricular reconstruction

Units of measurement

* Arcsecond, arcminute, a unit of angular measurement * Attosecond or as, 10−18 second, a subunit of time * Attosiemens or aS, 10−18 siemens, a subunit of electric conductance

Other uses in mathematics and science

* ''Abramowitz and Stegun'', a mathematical reference work * Aggregate supply, in economics, the total supply of goods * Almost surely or a.s., in probability theory * Arsenic (As), a chemical element with atomic number 33 * ''As'' (beetle), a genus in family Cerylonidae * Tropical savanna climate, labelled ''As'' or ''Aw''



* , a town in the Czech Republic * , Norway * As, Belgium, in Limburg * , Norway * , Swedish name for the quarter in Helsinki, Finland

Other places

* (, "New As"), a village in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran * (, "Old As"), a village in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran * American Samoa (ISO 3166 code AS) ** .as, the Internet country code top-level domain for American Samoa * Australia (NATO country code AS)


* (singular: , , ), one of the pantheon of Norse gods * ' (), Arabic for "Peace be upon him", post-nominal posthumous Islamic honorific

Other uses

* As (Roman coin), a coin and unit of weight * A. S. (automobile), a small French car of the 1920s * A.S., , a calendrical system used in the Society for Creative Anachronism * Anti-submarine warfare, A/S * Old name for Ossetians, "As" or "Asi" * Submarine tender, U.S. Navy hull classification symbol AS

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