Weibin District () is a district of the city of
Xinxiang Xinxiang ( ; Postal romanization, postal: Sinsiang) is a prefecture-level city in northern Henan provinces of China, province, China. It borders the provincial capital of Zhengzhou to its southwest, Kaifeng to its southeast, Hebi and Anyang to it ...

Henan Henan (; ; alternatively Honan) is a landlocked Provinces of China, province of China, in the Central China, central part of the country. Henan is often referred to as Zhongyuan or Zhongzhou (), which literally means "central plain" or "midlan ...

province, China.

Administrative divisions

As 2012, this district is divided to 7 subdistricts and 1 township. ;Subdistricts ;Townships * Pingyuan Township ()


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