Variety may refer to:

Science and technology


* Algebraic variety, the set of solutions of a system of polynomial equations * Variety (universal algebra), classes of algebraic structures defined by equations in universal algebra


* Variety (botany), a formal rank in botanical taxonomic nomenclature * "Variety", an informal (and non-taxonomic) term for cultivar in horticulture

Computing and the Internet

* Variety (cybernetics), the number of possible states of a system or of an element of the system


* Variety (linguistics), a specific form of speech

Arts and entertainment


* ''Variety'' (magazine), an entertainment industry newspaper * Variety (radio), a format of radio programming * Variety Television Network, an American former digital subchannel

Film and television

* ''Variety'' (1925 film), a silent film * ''Variety'' (1935 film), a British musical film * ''Variety'' (1935 German film), a German drama film * ''Variety'' (1971 film), a Spanish drama film * ''Variety'' (1983 film), an American independent film * "Variety", a 2002 episode of the HBO series ''Oz''; see List of ''Oz'' episodes


* ''Variety'' (Family Fodder album), tenth studio album by Family fodder * ''Variety'' (Les Rita Mitsouko album), seventh studio album by Les Rita Mitsouko * ''Variety'' (Mariya Takeuchi album), sixth studio album by Mariya Takeuchi * ''Variety'' (Tokyo Jihen album), third studio album by Tokyo Jihen * Variety Records, a short-lived US record label that was produced by Brunswick Records


* Variety show, an entertainment format

Other uses

* Variety, a term in coin collecting * Variety, the Children's Charity, international charity to help children with special needs * Variety Cruises, a cruise line * Variety Wholesalers, a retail store owner operating in the southeastern United States * Variety Jones, pseudonym of a person closely involved with the founding of the darknet market Silk Road

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