''Variety'' is the sixth studio album by Japanese singer-songwriter Mariya Takeuchi. It was released on 25 April 1984 through Moon Records. ''Variety'' is considered as Takeuchi's "comeback" album after being on hiatus since 1981, and is the first album entirely written by her.(1984). Album notes for ''Variety'' by Mariya Takeuchi, vinyl back cover. Tokyo: Moon Records (MOCT-28011) The album is produced by Takeuchi's husband, Tatsuro Yamashita. To international audiences, ''Variety'' is known for containing "Plastic Love" which, although only seeing moderate success in Japan when it was released as a single in 1985, saw a resurgence in popularity internationally in 2017 after a remix was uploaded to YouTube.

Production and release

Takeuchi's five albums released before ''Variety'' were mostly written by other songwriters which, although featured industry stars such as Haruomi Hosono and members of Toto, left her feeling "exhausted". She went on hiatus at the end of 1981 due to a sore throat, as well as to get married to Yamashita in 1982. During her break, Yamashita left his record label, RCA Records, for the newly-founded Moon Records. Meanwhile, Takeuchi began writing some of the songs which would be included in ''Variety''. Yamashita originally planned for Takeuchi's comeback album to be written by other songwriters, but changed his mind after listening to some of Takeuchi's work. A promotional single, "Mou Ichido", was released on 10 April 1984, followed by a full release on 25 April. The album topped the Oricon Albums Chart. A 30th Anniversary edition was released on 19 November 2014. The version included a previously unreleased track, , both club remixes from the single release of "Plastic Love", and karaoke versions of four tracks.

Track listing



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